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Interestingly, I made a whole post with it and maybe the post you see this post on its information, 45% of that post is contributed by AI. Shocked to know? But it is a truth. But how is that possible? Guys, do you want to start an AI startup? Of course yes! There is no doubt about it. Because AI and ML are a type of technology, which is on the boost for investment and the innovation of the last 3-years and will it be manufacturing, healthcare, fashion, agriculture, real estate, voice based solutions or post and I will tell you about an interesting . You will stay until the end of this post. So that you know about the power of AI. In India, AI startups are emerging in 2016. And after the next 2 years, the growth of AI sector is estimated to be over $87.85 million capital in India. Because I always believe that AI is very helpful for building a startup ecosystem. But today we will know about some AI-based startups in this post.which will be simple and future oriented as well and some ideas will never come to an end. Let's go to our top-3 ideas. A skin analysis tool. Now what is it? It is growing very fast in AI. And it is very trendy but is not available in India till now and if it is in India then it is in growth stage now.

What is AI Business Significance?

I am talking about AI Skincare. Yes, it is very overwhelming AI technology in foreign counties. As we see health tech startups these days come up with a specialty of doctor consultation. But with the help of AI, your skin problem reaches the dermatologist directly. And the AI ​​itself creates your custom duty routine. Which will be beneficial according to your skin. Now, how does it work? For example – there is a startup called HelloAva. Who believes and says that the best skin care tips are under your pocket. Only with the help of data and technology, you can learn the best skincare tips. So, you will not need to visit any doctor or dermatologist. I found it very interesting, so I visited their website to learn how this AI works. Where you have to tell about. First your skin and lifestyle and it suggests you the best remedies and consults for your skin related problems. which is licensed. And that's not enough, whatever product AI suggests to you, you buy it automatically by adding it to the cart. And as I told you at the beginning of this video AI has always been an ecosystem friendly technology. And he knows how to explore ecosystems. And primarily, this startup is focused on skin care or dermatology. You can separate it according to different features. 

lifestyle and it suggests you the best remedies.

will tell you about it in our seed post but the question is why do we only focus on skincare? And why did I tell you about it? There will be many like him. Here, I searched for some data and then found out that dandruff, acne and dryness are the 3 main problems according to Indian skin behavior. And you will get a lot more. Remedies for these problems. But the cause of these problems cannot be identified. But you can identify the root cause of your skin allergies and fungal infections with the help of AI. And how did it happen? And I'm not saying that without reason, according to a study last year, AI 26 can accurately measure skin condition better than dermatologists. And it can suggest solutions. By the way, let's move on to our 2nd idea. And this idea is my own past that is why I am sharing it with you. When you go for any test under pathology, you will get your report. Evening or very late. And nowadays pathology comes to your home to take samples. But why do they come to your door? There is a reason behind it. Because they get double benefit and also double your cost. So, I started thinking of a solution. So we don't even need to visit pathology. And the pathology could not come to us either. But our test will be complete. 

A pathology visit is required.

Then AI works there. Let's find out how! So, I started researching to find such thing on the internet. Which can provide a solution to this problem. And I visited a website, which is an Indian startup. And I'm glad to know that. And that is the future of microscopy. Its name is sig tuple. Where it makes the pathologist's job easier. It also makes the customer's life easier. They have a technology called AI-powered Smart Robotic Microscope. Where you will find blood and urine analyzer. which you will use and check it from your home. And under the box their AI system will send the sample to the nearest pathology. And it will tell you about the report. And the report will be delivered to you. But friends, one thing needs to be understood, it will be very expensive and you cannot make it for general public. You can des burn it for pathology. To facilitate the work of those who want pathology. Vary and expand as you need to. That means, there should be a center in every city. In that center, the report will be sent to this tool. So, there came to me an idea that if an AI system could work like this,Then your report may be sent to the nearest pathology. After the integration of your Google AI system.  

Because Google knows about pathology on the map. And even if health science develops further, you can put AI trackers in sugar machines. When you take a blood sample, it will be directly transferable to pathology. I told you that as an afterthought. And there might be a third idea, you can add reports to what I said. That is, printer reports. So that you can print at home. Then it will be very expensive and expensive to expand. Because it will be expensive for the general public. Therefore, his first idea can be applied. Let's go to our 1st idea. And the interesting thing is, I did.

A pathology visit is required.

Created this post using this idea. And perhaps over 45% of posts on this are generated by AI contributions. Shocked to know? But it is true. But how is that possible? AI also created what I said in the 1st 10 seconds of automation. And this idea is called AI content creation. It is used by freelancers, YouTubers, content writers, news agencies and marketing firms. Tech companies like Apple, Forbes and others are also heavily using Bloomberg AI technology. Because here you will get original content within 10-25 seconds. Yes, it will be very different, unique and original. That is, no one will copy it. And how does it work? It identifies the entire data uploaded to various websites on the Internet, and then writes appropriate blogs in each language from that data. AI can create all kinds of content including emotions such as anger and emotion. And that is if you go to buy this technology then it will be very expensive. But let me tell you some options, for example - Jasper AI, Ry tr AI, and Shortly

AI is most commonly used for content writing. Sometimes I use Reuters because it helps me get data and informative articles. But it always saddens me that no one develops this kind of technology in India. And mostly, I find that AI content writers charge in dollars. Which is unaffordable according to Indian states. And every AI stuff knows about it. It's AI content creation is a solution to thousands of your problems. If you don't have an idea then you will get an idea. If you need an explanation then you will get an explanation. So every big company is creating its website content by AI. It works on GPT 3 technology. Now, you can learn about GPT 3 on YouTube. But you can understand that articles rank on Google, it collects data from these articles and creates content for you in original form. Let's see an example. Here, I use the free trial soon like AI. And here I have put a link to an article. And I chose the language and feeling for the article. And now we are done.

Similarly, you can use Ry tr. By the way, in the left video, you will find startup ideas of Blockchain and Web 3. And in the video on the right, you will find some more 7 innovative business ideas. I'll see you in the next video, until then, stay busy.

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