Problem solving business ideas in India.

3 Business Ideas That Will Grow 40 Times Faster In India Problem oriented business idea.

 What is the problem Problem Thinking business idea is a problem. Research is another problem. After doing research and making it a year old and physical standard, that is a problem, marketing is the problem. Funding is the problem, not talking from within is that problem, asking for an investment assistant to study is the problem. Maintaining his decisions where he is not a problem problem problem problem problem. In a country of 130 crore people, there is a word called problem. It was even before independence and since advanced technology has come, it has democratized the whole world within the entrepreneurship field but finding solutions to some problems is an issue and making business from that issue is an art where technology can help a new business. Preventing you from entering, there it promotes technologies like web free. New business is the solution to the problem of supply chain problem even today thousands of victims are in our mind but how to bill that problem time hard work and luck are creating a different problem that is also the problem of sharing that too Problem is, today I have come to tell the problem, I have come to tell their solution. Who can convert your business problem into 1 million dollar solution. In the business edition of these three problems, I will tell you as an idea, so if you are looking for an ice business idea that solves the problem within India. So sigh at the right place.

1. language barrier in India

Language barrier is one such word with its first problem i.e. on the first idea side. Which creates this barrier in itself and only because of this one word, a platform like Grammar was also created and this is a word or rather a problem. Which can make your startup a billion dollar Now the issue is that if you create any content or do content marketing and you want your business to be further expanded within the world then there you have to face language barrier. Will have to Where 60% of startups are thinking of expanding, but they have to do so well, their market end comes in the middle of it because of this outside country and if you have to use quote end. this language barrier on the language barrier

Content translators take a very short time but there is such a solution made in content translators. The translation generation tour used as a very big example has become a trend very fast for the creator and business owner because you will need to extend at some point of time and you will, but for that you will have to increase your language barrier if Today I want That I have to translate myself to America if I want to target. To the whole of America, where speeches can also be of great use to me. So these tools which are there to translate the content completely, their trend is increasing and will gradually go further because their problem is the same. You have to use them if you want to do expansions.

 Let us move towards the second problem i.e. towards our second idea and before that let me tell friends if you are holding the top mortgage. So I will tell you a cool idea which can improve this industry from you but there is another idea. According to Indian Express report on Vestige, there is a clear 40 cent food wastage every year inside India only because of its pregnant food system and inefficient supply chain, someone in our telegram group asked if any service restaurant next Can go and walk So I gave the answer to something like this that we can walk. But it will take many years to make it because in a country like India you also have to work on ecological factors, where there is a barrier somewhere in the service and according to the Food and Agriculture Organization it is 40 cents. Is. It happens before it reaches the customer, but according to the report of NDTV, 68 million times of food wasted in India in 2019 and if we talk globally, then time thirty one million times food wasted. So what is the solution to this problem? Because we can see that the size of this problem is huge and very few people are working on it.

This is what I am going to tell you about the business idea. It can help itself in many ways like I know that every day if we talk about five star hotels, 40% of their food goes in wastage. Or they throw away the food that is left over, I have experienced this myself. After that I told you but if you start a service where the voters who are left of the food zone are left. He doesn't throw away and we see that he gets too busy in marriage too, so I will tell his two addresses. I can make you my own restaurant if any food wastage is found here. You have to color it by putting it in the chamber and the micro-organisms that will be inside that chamber. Those breakdowns will be inside your food waste and the remaining matter will be there. Bio gas and organic manure and which can be useful in your kitchen if you want to do more Another idea is that you can go for Hotels and Supply Chain Management which are food management companies. You can provide this chamber to them. from which their leftover food is He can increase the bio gas by putting it in that chamber and the children can cook their own food only after eating something, this will reduce the problem of food wastage. Let us say that the flowers that we use inside the kitchen, we are the only age pages. Their friendship will be bio gas over bio gas, even today very few companies use bio gas and you will see food wastage everywhere, so if you find this post a little bit interesting, then take it towards your top bun as we know. Huh.

 Friends, the problem of small business will remain in India for some time and for that, I told on that post, but if I talk about today, being a guru of smart business is the same. Like not speaking the word problem in this entire post and there are some ideas in Osman Business also. Those who have potential but do not get what they should have got at the right time and this is a big problem. His own example is you and there are people like us who are facing this or have done it. The community that do this and the big business are very busy which we can't match up but there is one thing that you can do. Making a flower like this is your new business step that can pitch your idea only 30 Within second year second which will have two benefits. An investor will know how much potential remains. In my communication and secondly they will also get free marketing I am talking about the platform of Startup Ideas post in the form of real as we know that in today's era everyone has to do everything very fast very soon and Investors are also human beings and as startups grow, so too are the hunting grounds and the talk for funding is also increasing, so there investors also need such a platform You can define your startup ideas within yourself and with the help of Boxing, 

you can now get the same funding from the same. But one of its disadvantages is that it is not legal in India right now, I am talking about the exact opposite crowd funding. Equity crowd funding is illegal in India right now and as things are coming in the news, it is going to be a  girl very soon but you can do it through 20 K. That is, through venture capital, if you give an opportunity to list venture capitals on your platform and with that there will be a list of retail investors and with that you will do your stitch. Those will be the people and the viewers time so this is a very nice system you can invest through 20's. If there is more inside the type, then all your details will be on your description, which is the investor. If they can reach you directly, it will solve a huge problem.Research and growth of marketing of funding, but if you want to know the solution of more problems, then that video is in the left side and three such startup ideas which is part-2 of this video. That you should watch is a must watch. That I meet you in the next post till then you see the other post.

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