How To Make Desoldering Machine Solder Remover Machine

Hello friends, in this post I will tell you that I will tell you complete information about Solder Remover Machine How To Make Desoldering Machine to use for Desolder Led, so for this keep reading till this post, we can make this machine easily at your home. And we will also be able to use it for 1 Side Smd Electric Components Remove,

But we are going to make Solder Remover Machine, this Desoldering machine we will use to remove the LED, because of this you can correct the Mcpcb in the bad bulb, and you can also repair the bulb by putting it back in the bulb. You can also buy all the components used in Solder Remover Machine from Electric Shop & Online shop.

How To Make Desoldering Machine Solder Remover Machine

How To Make Desoldering Machine Solder Remover Machine

If you want, you can ask for Solder remover machine from the market, whose price is a bit high, but we will make it here, it will be made in only 70 to 100, apart from this, in this post I will tell you, SMD Machine Automatic, Smd Machine price, SMD machine automatic We will talk about Price SMD machine low price Digital SMD Remover machine and Solar Remover machine diagram,

Smd Desolder machine is also known by another name which we called Desoldering Station This machine is designed to carefully remove and replace Smd company engaged in circuit, Smd Desolder machine to get the job done Solder and use the principle of vacuum heating. But the one who is going to make this is a jugaad which works like a machine, Smd Desolder machine is designed for LED Remove


Solder remover machine diagram

Solder remover machine diagram
  1. First of all we will understand Smd Led Desolder machine diagram.
  2. Here we can use (1) Hitsink (2) 25 watt Solder Coil (3) Switch Ac Current 6 Amp (4) Box Plastic and Wood

Best Desolder machine Names

  1. 850A SMD Rework station
  2. 858D Hot-Air Soldering Rework SMD Station
  3. Anesty Desoldering Station.
  4. Aoyue 474A++ Desoldering Station.
  5. Yihua Desoldering Station.
  6. Newacalox Desoldering Station.
  7. Aoyue 701A++ Desoldering Station
  8. Soldering Station 936 A+

End Post Desolder machine & Smd Solder Remover machine

Friends hope you liked our post How To Make Desoldering Machine Solder Remover Machine and you can easily make it at your home and hope that share this post with your friends also so that this also using desi jugaad can make 3d solder machine

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