How To Make Any Battery Operated Led Dc Bulb

Hello friends in this post I will tell you about How To Make Any Battery Operated Led Bulb, due to which you can light LED bulb without electricity and with any battery as per your wish, we all know that on rainy season Or for some reason, the power goes out, only then we have to take the help of inverter or UPS, but in this post we will know that now we can light the bulb even with 3.7 volt battery.

How To Make Any Battery Operated Led Dc Bulb

Make Any Battery Operated Led Dc Bulb

Led does not get very hot due to low current in dc bulb, but still, to avoid damage to Led, we will use Hitsink in whatever bulb we make, due to which our bulb will last for a long time, Any Battery Operated Led We can also use any old bulb to make Dc Bulb, apart from that we will use register and LED,

12 Volt Battery Operated Led Bulb 

    To make 12 Volt Dc Led bulb we will use the old bulb but remove the Ac Mcpcb inside it and apart from that we will make Led Bulb by using 12 Volt Dc Mcpcb,

6 Volt Battery Operated Dc Led Bulb

    To make 6 Volt Battery operated Led bulb we will use SMD LED, first we will take 112 World MCPCB and remove all the LED installed in it, 3.7 Volt operated Smd led is used, which is series It is installed in 12 volt dc mcbcb led (3 Led or 1 Resistor series connection) this is what we will use 2 Led Series by removing it and in the same way we will create 5 connections Led Mcpcb will have 10 Led if not 10 then We will prepare 4 Connections in parallel ( 2 Led Series× 4 Connection = 8 led )

End post Any Battery Operated Led Bulb 

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