Mini Solar Panel Charger Circuit Make In Home

 Hello friends, in this post I will tell you that we will talk about making Mini Solar Panel Charger Circuit, due to which you can do a lot with your Moni Solar Panel, Lithium Battery Charge, Direct Solar Mobile Phone Charge can also be done. Apart from this, you can also use mini solar in many electric projects.

Mini Solar Panel Charger Circuit We will make for 6 Volt Solar Panel which we cannot run this circuit on 12 Volt Solar Panel but you can also charge battery with 12 Volt Solar Panel and can also charge mobile but its For making a separate circuit, click on the link given below to make 12 Volt Solar Charge,

Mini Solar Panel Charger Circuit Make In Home

For Mini Solar System Installation We Will Use Mini Solar, Battery And Some Electric Components, Mini Solar Charge Price You Can See This Message On Website Like And You Can Also Order Online From There, If You Have An Electric Components Shop Then You can also buy from there, whose price is very low, in 50 to 100 it will come a solar plate,

With Solar charger you can also run 6 Volt Led Bulb which is working on 5 Volt, and can do it very much from 5 Volt i.e. can charge your mobile phone too, you can easily see the Solar charge Circuit diagram If you want, you can also watch the video,

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Simple Mini Solar Panel Charger Circuit Make In Home Diagram

It is very easy to make Mini Solar charge circuit diagram, in this we will not use any Electric Components, we will use Direct Circuit which you can buy from online market and you can easily make Mini Solar charge circuit by wiring connection, so we are here. You will learn to do only wiring, apart from that we will make other circuits, which you can make Solar Circuit at your home even by extracting components from those old circuits.

  1. We will put 2 wires coming from the solar plate i.e. plus and minus in the direct circuit where 5 volt input is written, they will put plus in plus and minus in minus.
  2. Battery Wire (b-) (b+) Both the battery wires will put positive in positive and negative in negative.
  3.   Out Put Mobile Socket : Both the wires of the Charge Circuit Controller have to be put in the output socket, from where the output is written, you have to put it in the Charge Socket Module.
Friends, hope you have liked the post on Mini Solar Panel Charger Circuit Make In Home and Mini Solar Charger Circuit will be useful for you and you must have understood its diagram also if you did not understand Mini Solar Charger Circuit diagram. You can also watch the video, apart from this you can also tell by commenting in the post, I hope you share this post with your friends from the social media given below, thank you

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