Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring

Hello friends, in this post I will teach you how to do Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring, due to which you can just come to your home or farm if you have a water tank overhead tank and you will not need to start or stop any motor. By installing this Water Tank System, you can now save both electricity and water.

In this post, we will teach you how to do Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring and will tell you with a diagram, due to which you will understand easily, there is a lot of advantage of installing Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring System, this is what you put in the water tank outside. Can and can also be installed in underground water tank, you just have to bring a Water Level controller from the market, after that I will teach you how to do wiring and installation,

Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring  System Installation

Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring

Installation of Overhead water tank system is very good, for that you have to buy an Automatic Water Level Controller from the market, you will find it both online and offline, in this post we are going to show Water Level Indicator for Overhead tank, Water Tank Price, Level Indicator Learn about Overflow Auto On Off, Water Level indicator sensor working conditions, Water Tank Level Indicator Model,

By installing the water tank system, you will get the automatic motor started, that is, the motor will start as soon as the water in the water tank is reduced and as the water tank becomes full then it will be automatic off, your time will be settled and apart from that you will also have water and light. You can tell, if you do not forget to fill your water tank with water at any time, then you can have a problem, but you can also solve this problem by installing the Water Level System,

Water Tank Level Indicator Controller Wiring Diagram

Water tank system installation is very easy to do, just by looking at the Water Tank Diagram, you can easily do all the wiring, see the water Lavel controller wiring connection diagram In the Water Lavel controller you will get to see 7 wires and a sweet is installed where But there are 3 light indicators, after that you have to read all step by step,

Water tank Lavel controller diagram
  • Input :First of all, instead of Input in Switch Controller, you have to input red and black wire, 220 AC current.
  • Output : Here the output is written, from there two wires have to be installed in the motor starter, it is necessary to do NL correct wiring.
  • Lavel Wire Red : First of all, you have to put the Red Wire water tank till the bottom so that the motor starts as soon as the tank is empty,
  • Lavel Wire Green And Black: The green wire will be placed in the middle of the tank and the black wire will be on the outside when the tank is full, which is as far as you have to fill the water tank.

Switch Automatic 

If you look at the water tank level indicator, you will see that a swift is on automatic, if you keep it on automatic, then automatic will work, keeping it on will start the auto motor as soon as the tank is empty and motor automatic as soon as it is full will shut down

Switch Off 

The motor will not start automatically by keeping it on the off button, you can keep this condition while going out of your house or when the tank is not in use.

Switch Manual

With this button, you can start the motor according to you and it depends on you, that is why it is manual for it.

How To Work Water tank Lavel controller

Some such condition is made in the water level controller that 3 pin comes out, you put it in the water tank and according to that it controls its motor, if you accidentally put 3 pin upside down then The motor will not start as soon as the tank is empty and the motor will start as soon as it is blown, that is why it is very important to do the right wiring and after doing the wiring, check it once.

Water Tank Level Sensor price in India

Water tank Lavel controller You buy both online and offline. Talking about the price of water level online, it comes from ₹ 700 to 2000, and its price also keeps on changing with time, there are many websites from where You can buy online.

End post water lavel controller wiring connection

Friends, hope you have liked our water tank Lavel controller wiring connection post and with this poster you can do water level controller wiring at your home, if you face any problem in wiring then do comment us and how do you like this post Feel sure to tell your opinion, you can share to your friends through social media, your comment will be important for us, thank you friends

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