Moter Starter Wiring Connection

 Hello welcome to website friends, in this post I will tell you complete information about Submersimle Motor Starter Wiring Connection, due to which you can check any Motor Starter at your home or its wiring. There are two types of motor used in our house or at any place, so here we will understand about Single Phase Motor starter wiring connection and Submersible Pump 3 Phase Motor starter Wiring, due to which you can easily do Starter Wire Connection of both the motors. can,

Motor starter wiring is very easy, but it is also very important to put different wires in it at different places, otherwise your motor starts moving in the opposite direction, due to which you can damage your home or any motor. In this post we will show you motor starter Wiring Diagram and tell you in different colors which wire to put where, apart from that you will also have to use capacitor,

Moter Starter Wiring Connection Kaise Kare Puri Jankari Hindi Mai

When you do Motor Starter Wiring Connection at any place, then you should take care to turn off such current, after that Motor Starter Wiring Reconnection, if you are doing New Motor Starter Fitting, then you do not have to wire AC current first. And after all starter wiring connection is done, you have to give such current and be careful,
In this post, we will tell you about the wiring of both Single Fhase and 3 Fhase motor starter, wiring the motor starter box is easy but when we repair the motor starter, it is necessary to take care of the wiring in it, Single Fhase Motor Wiring of starter is a little important and Direct On Line is not so important because you only have to install Six Wire and Single Fhase Motor starter 5 wire

Single Moter Starter Wiring Connection Diagram

  1. First of all we will know about LN L= Ac Main Power supply (+) Wire is to be installed and N (-) Ac Wire has to be installed next to it.
  2. You will get thrice out of RYB Submersible Pump 3 Phase Motor which is its color Red Yellow Blue and it has to be installed on RYB Same Color
  3. Ampere Meter, Volt Meter: Ampere meter will be installed in series of Ac Current (+) wire and Voltmeter will be mounted on direct AC supply,
  4. McB Switch: Ac will be on current supply (+) which is used for power on/off,
  5. After that Single Fhase Motor starter will have two capacitors, Starting Capacitor and Running Capacitor, you can easily do the wiring by looking at the diagram

Required Parts for Single Phase Motor Starter

  1. Moter starter Box
  2. Single Fhase Moter starter Capacitor
  3. McB switch Single line
  4. Extra Start Button
  5. Ac Wire Connector
You can buy the necessary parts for single phase motor starter both online and offline, if you search Near Electrical Parts Shop in Google, then you will get the information of the store near you from where you can buy offline also, for online I have given above 5 websites from where you can also buy wholesale prices,

DOL Moter Starter Wiring Connection

DOL Motor starter is also known as Direct On Line Starter or Whole Line Starter) 3 is used for Fhase Motor Start, this Dol Starter directly connects all the three wires as soon as the Dol Starter is started to turn the motor on/off In DOL starter, an induction motor is directly connected to its 3-phase supply, which is 3 Fhsse power supply Join (on) at a point Three phase motor becomes on as soon as the starter button is pressed,

Direct On Line Motor Starter, there is no damage to the motor. Because there are some such facilities in the concurrent motor, due to which there is no problem with direct power supply, Direct On Motor starter is usually used to start small motors, especially 3 phase motor,

DOL Moter starter wiring connection diagram

  1. Red Yellow Blue 3 Fhase Current has to be applied to all three pimples of motor starter,
  2. The three wires of the direct motor have to be joined on the 3rd pin in front.
  3. The remaining two wiring connections are already done in the starter, there is no need to remove it, just by doing this 6 wiring connection you can run your 3 Fhase Motor apart from this if you want to add Auto Switch then click here and complete can know information

The End Post   Moter starter wiring connection

Friends, hope you have understood about this post of ours i.e. Motor Starter Wiring Connection, if you do not understand any wiring, then you can comment us, apart from this, tell us how did you like this post, Single Phase Motor starter Wiring connection and Submersible Pump 3 Phase Motor starter Wiring Now which motor and starter do you use, please tell in the comment

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