Moter Starter Add Auto Switch Wiring Connection In Hindi

Hello friends In this post I will tell you about Motor Starter Add Auto Switch Wiring Connection, because of which you are engaged on your farm With 3 Fhase Motor Starter Wiring Connection you can start Automatic Motor by adding Auto switch, Auto switch There are different types such as 6 Wire Auto Switch, 7 Wire Auto Switch, 9 Wire Auto Switch and Auto Switch for Single Phase, you will know about it with diagram, due to which it will be easy for you to understand,

Auto switch is especially used in the motor of the farm because if you are working somewhere (Getting water in the field.) and the power goes out after that it comes back immediately then DOL Motor starter does not starte automatically. But if you put Auto Switch in it, then according to the company, you automatically start DOL Motor starter in 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes, due to which there will be no need to come there to start the motor. And your works will also continue

Moter Starter Add Auto Switch Wiring Connection In Hindi

Auto switch wiring connection
Auto switch wiring connection

Here we will learn about Auto switch connection with starter diagram, 3 phase auto switch connection diagram, 7 wire auto switch connection diagram, 5 wire auto switch connection diagram, 6 Wire Auto Switch connection diagram and Star Delta starter Auto switch whose diagram is to be understood. It is very easy and now you can easily do motor starter wiring by understanding the diagram,

If you are not adding auto switch on the motor running on your farm, then use auto switch so that it has a lot of advantages, it starts the motor automatically. Protects the motor from burning due to dimlight. Protects the motor from running on two phases. Protects the motor from low and high voltages Prevents the motor from running (inverted). Motor starter starts after a time of 25 to 30 seconds when the power supply is right. Satisfactorily protects the motor used for irrigation. Suitable for Auto switch 3 wire Direct On line Starter and Six wire Star Delta starter.

7 Wire Auto Switch Connection Diagram with DOL Moter starter

7 Wire Auto Switch Connection Diagram
7 wire auto switch

  1. First of all you have to look at the auto switch, when you see, you will know that some note is written on it, like RYB VN S1 S2 it will take one wire on all the pins, on RYB you have to give 3 Fhase power, NV ie That green wire you have to put in Motor starter, (P1 P2) Sometimes what happens is that P1 and P2 are not written, only then you do not need to panic, you can put in starter by looking at Motor starter diagram,YBL = 3 Fhase Power
  2. NV =  Dol Moter starter P1 P2
  3. S1S2 = Dol Moter starter P3 P4

6 Wire Auto Switch Connection Diagram with DOL Moter starter

6 Wire Auto Switch Connection Diagram
6 wire auto switch

If you are using 6 Wire Motor starter Auto switch, then its wiring is also very easy. First of all look at the diagram and I have to remove the red wire that I have rounded in it, when you will give power supply to 3-wire ie 3 Fhase power, after that you will have 3-wire left, it has to be installed in motor starter, P1 But there will be no wire, you only have to put it on P2 P3 P4
  1. RYB = 3 Fhase power supply
  2. P2 = Moter Starter p2 
  3. P3 = moter starter p3
  4. P4 = moter starter p4
Have to put if something else is written on your auto switch, then only you can put it in the motor starter at the same place where I have shown in the diagram, you will see the indicator on the auto switch, you have to see it well, something would have been written on it. Is

Auto Switch Complete Condition

  1. On: This indicator is on when your motor is on i.e. the motor starter starts
  2. Display: This indicator is not very important but it is made for the display.
  3. Supply Faulty: This indicator is shown when there is a fault in your power i.e. there is power in 2 wires but in one there is dim supply or not,
  4. Supply faulty: If the same indicator shows even after you have 3 Fhase power, only then you have to exchange the red and blue white,
  5. Supply Healthy: This indicator is on when you have 3 phase power and you have installed all the wiring correctly when this indicator is on then auto switch is ready to work,

5 Wire Auto Switch Connection Diagram

Wire Auto Switch Connection Diagram
5 wire auto switch

It is very easy to put on 5 wire auto switch motor starter, here the black wire I have shown will put both the black wire in L1 and L2, after that L3 blue wire will be installed,

Yellow or Red both wire moter starter button has to be put on pin number 1 and 4 and you have to remove the green wire on the diagram I have shown, use this moter starter, then you should use 5 wire auto switch Apart from this, you can use 6 wire auto switch and 7 wire auto switch.

9 wire Auto switch Star delta Starter Auto switch connection

The wiring that we have done so far, we have installed auto switch on all starter motor starter Direct On Line Motor starter but here we will use 9 Wire auto switch on Star Delta starter,

Delta starter wiring v is very easy, when you see the Delta starter wiring connection diagram, you will understand, you have to wire on the Red Green Yellow Button apart from that 3 Fhase power supply has to be installed in the power supply
  1. RYB = 3 Fhase power supply
  2. NV = Red button Pin
  3. S1S2 = Green button pin
  4. R1R3 = Yellow Button Pin

Important Notes Auto switch Wiring connection

When doing auto switch wiring connection, take care of yourself and use something useful to avoid electricity.

If your auto switch wiring connection is wrong then it depends on your motor starter and auto switch, with changing time, motor starter auto switch also remains different, take care of it, I think this will not be a problem because use in the field. The motor starter is Direct On Line and most people use 6 wire or 7 wire auto switch on it.

The End Post   Moter starter add  Auto switch wiring connection

Friends, hope you have understood about this post of ours i.e. Motor Starter Add Auto Switch Wiring Connection, if you do not understand any wiring, then you can comment us, apart from that how did you like this post, tell us, if If you have motor in your farm then this post is ready to install auto switch
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