How To Led Bulb Repair In Hindi Replacement Bulb Components

Hello friends, in this post we will tell you complete information about How To Led Bulb Repair In Hindi Replacement Bulb Components, due to which you can easily fix the damaged bulb at your home. Nothing special is needed to repair Led bulb, but it is very important to understand, you can correct your Dad Bulb by doing Led bulb Replacement Mcpcb.

Modern LED bulbs allow almost everything to be repaired. What you need to do To diagnose the problem and take appropriate action to repair the modern LED bulb, or replace some important parts of the AC current LED bulb, your Led Ac And Dc Bulb can work properly again. And Local LED Bulb Repair you can easily do at your home.

How To Led Bulb Repair In Hindi Replacement Bulb Components

Led bulb repair replacement bulb components

We are here to provide you complete information about Led Bulb Repair In Hindi Replacement, Bulb Components, Led bulb repair kit, 9 watt Led bulbs repair, mcpcb repair, Ac-Dc Bulb repair, Led bulb Replacement Mcpcb, change bulb components and modern led bulb repair. Will give information And you can repair Led bulb in your home,

When the old Led Mcpcb of the bulb burns out, there is no way but to throw it away. One of the big advantages of Led Bulb Repair is that you can repair almost everything. Local Quality Electric Components, Led Mcpcb Heating and Power Supply Connection Wire can cause premature Led Bulb Dad, but it is also easy to fix

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Why would the LED bulb go bad? 

Why would the LED bulb go bad? The temperature around the mcpcb of the led bulb gets too hot and it doesn't have a proper heat sink, so the smd led in this led bulb may overheat and then it will dad. It can happen, even if the AC current is more than the need, the bulb can be mcpcb dad, by applying 12 volt dc led bulb ac current or if there is a short circuit, the led bulb can be damaged, you can change the 12 volt Dc bulb to 3.7 Volt You can also use Battry.

Led Bulb Repair Method ( Bulb - Required to Repair)

Led Bulbs Repair Method You have to open the bulb, take care that the bulb does not get damaged while opening the bulb. With this matter you can repair all 12 watt, 15 watt LED bulbs apart from 9 watt Led bulb, when we repair Led Light, then it is necessary to find fault. If this time fault is found, then you can easily fix it and we will be able to solve all types of bulb problems for you, that too in maximum ₹ 20/25 only.

Circuit On Board Repair Mcpcb (COB) 

Circuit On board repair is very easy but not as much as (DOB), Direct Ac Current is not given in Circuit On Board Led Bulb ( mcpcb & power) There is a circuit in the middle which converts 220 Ac current to 110 Dc Current Converts that too in 1 amp.

In Circuit On board Mcpcb, from 1 watt LED to as many watt bulbs, as many LEDs are installed in Mcpcb, that too all LEDs are installed in series. While repairing the bulb, there is no need of how many LEDs you have, but some of the LEDs have to be noted. You can see the Damage Led Image.

Led bulb mcpcb repair cob damage

Led Mcpcb Damage

  1. First of all you have to check all Led installed in Mcpcb. Which one LED does from 9 Volt Battry Dc Power.
  2. If only one LED is not working in Led Mcpcb, then remove it carefully and shorten it, so that Led is in series, so connect both the points.
  3. If all the LEDs are working, then check the power supply coming from the Bulb Drive Board, which should be around 120 DC.
  4. If power supply is not available from the board, then open the board and fix the capacitor and other components that have been burnt.
  5. If both the board and the Led Mcpcb are bad, then remove the circuit board and Led Mcpcb installed in it and use Ac Led Mcpcb working on Ac Current 220.

Direct On Board Repair Mcpcb (DOB) 

Direct On board led Mcpcb is very easy to repair and circuit is not used in it, so it is called Direct On board which is with direct connection AC current and it works from 220 volt AC current. You can also fix it in a short time by doing Led bulb Replacement Mcpcb in Direct On board Led bulb.

Led bulb Ac mapcb repair dob

220 volt Ac current led bulb Mcpcb You have to see the damaged Smd Led which must have been damaged, a black color cap will appear on it, you have to remove the same LED and short it there led bulb mcpcb Image you will know by watching

Led Bulb Mcpcb doesn't light up at all?

  1. Check that the voltage and current ratings of your power supply are compatible with your Led Bulb Mcpcb.
  2. Confirm that your Ac/Dc Current Voltage supply is working properly.
  3. Check Out Components Of Led Mcpcb Apart From Smd Led Light.
  4. Most of the Led bubl do not have other Components Dad except MCpcb ( led ).
  5. Check the Led Wiring Check the Power Supply Connection Wire on some other side.

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