How to use Resistor in LED. LED-Resistor value calculator

 Hello friends, in this article we will talk. About LED resistor value calculator, how to use resistor for LED. Due to which you can select Resistor by doing LED resistor value calculator for your Led. Mostly when people make LED Circuit. Then without using Resistor. Low current will not only cause LED to light up, while too high current can also lead to LED Blast.

It is necessary to use register for LED. 1 Led Power and Current is required. Resistor value is used according to Led. 1 Resistor receives the required power and current for 1 Led. To operate on High Power and High Current, it is necessary to use registers. If you do not know how to use register according to LEd, then keep reading this post till the end.

How to use Resistor in LED. LED-Resistor value calculator

LED & resistor value calculator

Resistor is used in LED according to the circuit. In very small circuits. Smd Resistor is used and is used for Carbon Resistor ( used for led) in some circuits. It is very easy to do Led and Resistor value calculator. You can use any Led Light on any Power and Current by using Led and Resistor value calculator.

In this post we will understand you about 12V LED resistor calculator, 5v LED resistor calculator, 24v LED resistor calculator, Used Resistor For Led, Resistor Power Dissipation, Calculating Led Power, Voltage drop calculation methods, Calculate Resistor Value.

Why is it necessary to use Resistor for Led?

Resistor is a passive electrical component that blocks the flow of electric current. This blockage is called resistance and this component is called resistor. There are two types of resistor, SMD and carbon register, there are many types of them too but here we will not discuss about them.

LED receives current when required, high power voltage and high current, the register burns due to which nothing happens to our LED. That's why in this post we will learn to find out both Resistor voltage and current, along with it we also need to know LED Current and LED Voltage. You can do a google search for this

Formula to calculate resistor value and watt?

We will use this formula to calculate the register value. Resistor value calculator is very easy to do, we are here with ex. With this you will learn which will be easy for you to understand. Resistor value calculator is done in two ways, one Ohm comes out in the day and second after Watt Resistor value calculator, you can also extract Led value.

There are many formulas in this image that you have to use in different parts, out of this we will use one formula to extract the resistor value, then by using another formula, we will extract the resistor watt which you will learn with example.

Learn to do resistor value calculator.

Resistor value calculator

Led Volt = Vl, Current = I, Battry volt = Vs and R =? which we have to remove. On this we to extract the resistor value. We will use R=V/I which is written in red color. First of all we will find out V which is written in the formula V = Vs-Vl, if we use 3 volt 20MA LED and run it from 12 volt battery, then we understand what the register will look like.
Resistor value calculator

To get V out, we will get 12 volt battery - 3 volt Led = 9 volt (v). 9 volt will be 0.02 = 450 Ohm, we can use any register around it and put it on the LED.
  1. V=IR  V= Vs- Vl

    3 volt Led  = Vl

    LED current = 0.02A

    12 volt Battry = Vs

    Vs-Vl / I

    12- 3 /0.02

    9/0.02 = 450 ohm 

    R= 450 ohm , use register of

Resistor watt kaise nikale ?

When we have learned to calculate the resistor value, now we will calculate the resistor watt, which is how many watts will be used in the resistor led, here we are going to use the formula that is also in the image whose color is red P=V2/R will be used above I have given the image, there that formula is to be used in the same way, then you can easily get the resistor watt

Resistor watt calculator
Resistor watt calculator

Learn how to convert Led And Resistor Mili Ampere to Ampere.

To convert milli ampere to ampere, if you look at the image given below, you will understand that it is very easy to convert milli ampere to ampere. It is very easy for those who know maths.

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