12 volt Dc Ceiling Kaise Banaye- Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc Fan

Hello friends in this post we will tell you that we will tell you complete information about Ac Fan to 12 volt Dc Ceiling Kaise Banaye- Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc Fan We know that right now it is in summer season anytime or even for a while. When the power goes out, we get disturbed by the heat because the fan is turned off. Or start using a small fat DC fan.

But in this post we will show you something due to which you can run the AC Ceiling fan you use at your home with 12 Volt Dc Battry. It is very easy to modify the ac ceiling fan, just keep reading this post till the end for that. We will use only Ac ceiling fan in this project which we will modify and convert to 12 volt Dc.

Apart from this, we will give you complete information about High Speed ​​12v dc Fan Motor,775 dc Motor fan blade, ac/dc Table fan with battery, Bldc Fan Kit, 12 volt Dc fan Price in India in different parts. Will tell.

12 volt Dc Ceiling Kaise Banaye- Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc Fan
12 volt Dc Ceiling Kaise Banaye- Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc Fan

You must have seen many Bldc Fans in your market which comes in the form of an Ac Dc Ceiling Fan but you have never seen 12 Volt Dc Ceiling fan working on 12 Volt Dc 12 Volt Dc Fan as its Small or 12 volt Dc table fan but in this post we will modify the ceiling fan in such a way that Ac Ceiling Fan will work with 12 volt DC battery.

DC fan is called DC fan because it works from DC current DC fan is used when there is a need to run the fan with dc current like running DC fan directly from battery or directly from solar panel Happens then. When the power goes out at home, then we have to take DC Fan Use, with the help of brushes, the DC motor works with the current and the dc motor works.

Modified Ac Fan To Dc Converte In Home

Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc Fan is very easy to make. Here we are going to use 12 Volt Dc Motor. And make some stands. Who can make some such stand by looking at the image given below and from where I have to get all the things, I will also tell you step by step below, due to which you can convert Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc

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  1. First of all, you have to bring a bad Ac Home Ceiling Fan from junk or from Bhangar Wale whose body weight is less, then it will be very good if he brings it or else you can also use bad Fan at your home.
  2. After that, you have to take out the rotor that is inside the coil, that is, the rotation that happens. And it has to be cut by keeping the upper bearing one below.
  3. Then you have to take two aluminum plates and make a stand and fit it inside the body in such a way that I have told on the image below.
  4. There is a siddha in the shopping plate from where we will please bring me to the bottom and that will work to rotate our 12 volt ceiling fan.
  5. You can do gas welding with 12 volt dc moter by removing the bike rece wire upwards or by removing the pin of the bad fuse, please do the wire and motor pink ozone

Required Parts to Convert Ac Ceiling Fan.

  1. Ac ceiling fan, 
  2. Bike Race wire, 
  3. Aluminum Plate, 
  4. 12 Volt Dc Moter, 
  5. Stand, 
  6. Sapting, 
  7. Online Web site

Ac Ceiling Fan To BLDC Convert Kit 

This is an Ac/Dc kit which is available in Bldc. Using this kit, you can make a BLDC Fan by installing it on your home Ac Ceiling Fan which is a remote control fan and you can run it from both Ac and 12 volt dc.

ac ceiling fan convert 12 volt dc fan high speed

To modify the ceiling fan, now we use the motor, which can also be a yagya motor, if you use a gear motor with more rms then your fan speed will be more and BLDC is made in such a way that in the market Talking about its price, it can be from 3000 to 15000.

Dc table Fan With Battry

You can buy many friends from the market, which are labeled with daughter, mostly this fan is a table fan, it can be carried from one place to another, with its battery, this table fan can run for 1 to 2 hours or even 4 hours. Talking about its price, it depends on its size and variety, mostly these are small. Talking about its press, it can start from thousand rupees to 10000.

12v dc motor fan blade

If you make a small 12 Volt Dc Fan, then you can make a small fan by applying this 775 dc motor fan blade/ 12v dc motor fan blade. If we talk about this blend, then it is the cheapest which is available in plastic. Talking about its price, it ranges from ₹ 30 to Rs. Can be found for up to 250.

High Speed 12V DC Fan Price

Talking about high speed 12 volt DC fan, then this fan is the smallest, that is, due to being small, it has high speed. 3 Volt Dc 12 Volt Dc High Speed motor is used, due to which it is made small. You can use it in your office, you can use it in your office or on a tractor, and in very small places.

Friends hope my 12 volt Dc Ceiling Kaise Banaye- Ac Fan Converte 12 volt Dc Fan, ac/dc table fan with battery, 12v dc motor fan blade, high speed 12v dc fan motor. You must have liked this post and hope you share this post with your friends and tell us by commenting how did you like this post, your lack can help us and improve our post, so do tell your opinion .

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