Repair Digital MultiMeter Used Complete Tutorial In Hindi

Hello friends, in this post I will tell you that complete information about Repair Digital MultiMeter Used Complete Tutorial In Hindi, I was commented by many people that what happens to a digital multimeter gets damaged and its smd resistor is not available that's why. It is not easy to repair it and I will teach you how to repair it with Carbon Resistor, so keep reading this post till the end.

If I found this post on Repair Digital MultiMeter Used Complete Tutorial In Hindi about 5 Copmment Used, then I will also make you a better post about Digital Multimeter Use which will give you complete information about every point. Now we will talk about the main point of the multimeter,

Repair Digital MultiMeter Used Complete Tutorial In Hindi 

Digital Multimeter repair

Most of the registers that are used in the multimeter are all used SMD resistors, which are mostly prone to burning, even if we replace the SMD resistor with a carbon register, it still works. But it will need to be checked while the SMD register is only numbered and the carbon register is identified by color code. It is important to know the most that if our s.m.d. If the Register and Carbon Resistor Value are same, then you can put it there, that is, you can put a Carbon Register on the burnt register.

On the above image you can see that some register has been changed on it, if there is any problem in its Main Ic, then it cannot be repaired Digital Multimeter, in this post we are going to deal with AC DC in different parts. Learn about components and solve A to Z problem of multimeter

Digital Multimeter Normal Problem Solve 

There is some normal problem while repairing digital multimeter, due to which our digital multimeter does not work, we will tell you some special thing which is normal due to which our multimeter does not work properly and many people have some small problem. Those who are unable to do it right and have to buy another multimeter from the market, but here we will answer every question, due to which you can fix the fault in your multimeter.

Rasistor Update
Wire : First we will do the buy check and we will proceed when the wire is ok

Bip : Many multimeters have a sold problem, even when we go to check a reading, the Bip continues to ring Msd Resistor code 132 You have to put this 1300 Ohm Carbon Resistor

Even if it is short, then you have to replace Smd Resistor 105 with 100ohm Carbon Resistor.

Battery  : There is no problem with the battery, but even if there is a low charge, there can be a problem in our multimeter.

Ac Current Check Problem SolveDigital Multimeter repair

When we check such current, the reading does not come correctly, the main reason is that the number of the diode installed in it is m7, which can be bad due to which we cannot check the AC current after changing the diode. This problem will also be solved and the second thing is that if you are not getting m7 then you can use any other 1000 volt diode instead.

If there is any problem in the part of AC current in your multimeter, then you can correct it by changing the register.

Smd Rasistor value code

R1 = 510k, R2 = 510k, R3 = 220k After changing the register, there will be no problem with AC current in your digital multimeter

Dc Current Check Problem Solve Digital Multimeter repair

While checking DC current, our multimeter sometimes shows more or less power or many people have the same problem that the power keeps on increasing.

Ex. When we check a 9 volt battery, it starts with 9 volt then it goes up to 20 volt. Which we are not able to check its correct reading, this problem is due to too many capacitors. There is a big capacitor in the multimeter, whose value code is J1104, you can change it, after that you will start sleeping the DC current properly, if you think that one of the text in DC is not working, then we will give you different parts. Will tell about the register, due to which you will be able to check correctly

Friends, hope that this poster of our Repair Digital MultiMeter Used Complete Tutorial In Hindi, you must have understood, if you have any special knowledge about register, you will reply about Digital Multimeter Repair i.e. about all the parts, due to which If you find it easy to repair the multimeter or if you have any special problem in your digital multimeter, then definitely comment us, we will tell in your comment thank you

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