Hospital Wiring Diagram And Light Control Using Tow Way Switches

Hello friends, in this post I will tell you how to do the wiring of Hospital Wiring Diagram and Light Control Using Tow Way Switches and also I will tell you some more projects which by putting Tow Way Switches, you can make a bulb (any) with friendship on or off. What will be the benefit of Tow Way Switches, we will also tell you the complete information in this post. High Quality Wire And Original Products you can also buy from Amazon

You can also use Hospital Wiring Circuit at your home. We will know about this with complete details in this post. By using Tow Way Switches we will see Hospital Wiring Connections and with that we will also tell you about Hotel Ball Wiring. You will need Tow Way Switches to make all these projects and make circuits.

Hospital Wiring Diagram And Light Control Using Tow Way Switches

Hospital Wiring Diagram And Light Control Using Tow Way Switches
Hospital wiring

The switches that we are going to use in the hospital wiring circuit are different from the normal switches, that is, there are only two pins on the home normal switches, but the one we will use here will have 3 pins i.e. both sides are on. . Which we can use to do both sides.

In this post, we will let you know about Hospital Wiring Circuit, Home Tow Way Switches, Home Wiring Main Problem, Hospital Ball Wiring and Hospital Wiring Diagram with the latest and if you need any more Home Light Fitting information, then you can from the link given below. You can know and do not have the information you need in that too, then you comment me, I will tell you the complete information.

How to do Hospital Wiring

First of all we know about Tow Why Switches then what is tow way switche and how it works Normal switches one side is one side and other side is off but tow why switches are on both sides

In hospital wiring circuit we will use 3 point switch (Tow why switches) tell you electrical components here and Electric Pair Parts website from where you can buy online and buy good quality and original product.

Hospital wiring is a little different from home light fitting wiring, it also has many advantages which are useful to the patient, if there is any pain that the light is dim, it works and even if you want full light, it can do so. This type of wiring is done in the hospital. Hospital wiring diagram circuit is very easy to understand, we will use Tow way and other One way here.

Hospital wiring circuit diagram explanation


You will put the AC power supply coming from (-) in a bulb and from there to the 2 way switch as shown in the diagram. And the Ac Power supply (+) has to be put on both the switches.

Position 1 : 1 And 2 switche Off

When both the switches are off, no bulb will work i.e. it will be dark.

Position 2 : 1 On 2 Off switche

When 1 switch on 2 switched off, both the bulbs are on. Full Light will remain on.

Position 3 : 2 On 1 Off switche

In this position, both the bulbs will be in series i.e. dim dim light will be lit.

Position 4 : 1 and 2 On switche

In this position, that is, only one bulb will light up as soon as both the switches are on.

how to do hostel wiring

Now the special feature of doing this wiring is that no student should do wrong things in the hostel, there are many examples of this, but here I will not tell you. This wiring is done to keep the attention of the students living in hostels engaged in studies.

We will talk about hostel wiring connection, what I have shown below is the hostel wiring diagram, by seeing and understanding you can do hostel wiring. We will use both one way or two way switches while doing hostel wiring connection.

hostel wiring Connection diagram and Explanation

hospital wiring circuit diagram and Explanation
Hostel Diagram

We will power on 1 way and from here on we will put all on 1 point of tow way switch like you see in the diagram. We will apply the second power ie (-) AC current to all the bulbs.
Ac Bulb

The bulb has got (-) current, now you have to put the (+) wire of all the bulbs on the middle pin of the two way switch.

Switches One way and Tow way

The top pin will also have (+) power and the bottom pin will also have (+) power but it will be a one way switch between the two (+) wires as you can see in the diagram

Position 1 : main switche On

When the main switch is on, you cannot turn off the bulb from any switch, that is, none of your switches will work.

Position 2 : main switche Off

    When the main switch is turned off, you can turn your bulb on and off, that is, the bulb will be lit in the room which is switched on, the rest will remain off if you want to turn off the force on your room, then you can turn it on.

How To Wiring Hotel Balls

When any people go to stay in the hotel, that is, we are given a room in the hotel, only then there is a hotel ball switch, which you can press when you need it, and as soon as you press it, a waiter comes to your room. The question here is that how does the waiter know? That is needed in your room itself, so many rooms are booked in the hotel.

But waiting is done in the hotel in such a way that there are different bulbs on the balls, due to which the waiter and the hotel owner come to know that which room is needed, so here I will tell you all that Hotel Wiring How is it done. How does the waiter know that you are needed from the room itself?

Hotel balls wiring connection diagram and Explanation

Hotel balls wiring

Where will the Ac Power supply be installed?

Ac power wire (-) has to be installed on the direct bell and (+) wire has to be installed on all the switches as you can give the diagram and the doorbell will be connected in series with the bulb.

Ball And Bulb

End Post Last Words

Friends, I hope that you have understood this poster of ours and you must have understood about hospital wiring, hostel wiring, hotel wiring and hope that whenever you do wiring, then only you will find this post useful.

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