3055 Amplifier board Modifie Clear And High Quality Sound

Hello friends In this post I will tell you some special thing to do 3055 Amplifier board Modify Clear and High Quality Sound which you can do at your home and Amplifier Circuit board Modify is very easy to do. Right now you can get high quality sound output by modifying the amplifier and you will not even need to do much in this.

If you buy Amplifier Online from anywhere, then you get cheap and the cheap goods are duplicate. If we change some electronic components in it, then it also works like the original. We will modify the 3055 Amplifier Circuit board here and together you will talk with the complete details of the output, input and what to change.

3055 Amplifier Circuit board Modifie Clear And High Quality Sound

3055 Amplifier board Modifie
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3055 Amplifier Circuit board Modifie Clear  Sound You must read this post till them to learn the output. And first of all, you have to check in your 3055 amplifier circuit board, that is, to see how many volts the register is in it? They are engaged in capacitor, that too how many watts, after that which diode and which capacitor you have to put, we will talk in this post.

Amplifier Modify, High Quality Sound, High Quality Bass Treble Board, Only Bass Circuit Board and 4440 Ic Bass Amplifier Modified To modify any and to make it of good quality, you must know the value of Resistors and Copesitors if you want to know about it. If you do not know how to identify the value, then you can learn from the link given below. And if you know about it, then skip this link.

How Much Capacitor To Change ?

3055 Amplifier board Modifie
Capacitor And Diode

To modify the 3055 Amplifier board, first we will change the capacitor. The capacitors used in power supply have less value and voltage. Capacity duplicates are used in the 3055 Amplifier board available in the market, due to which the 3055 Amplifier board is ready at a lower price.

We get Dc Power from the diode, there are two big capacitors installed, which we have to change. Ex. Instead of 2200uf 35v, we will use 4700uf 50/63 volt. Let me show you his image, because of which you will understand.

Now we will change the capacitor of the small one, 3055 Amplifier board Modify I have a big contribution of the small capacitor which will work for sound clear and output watt. Now you see the second image, you are seeing three capacities in this image, which you have to change, now its value is 47uf 25 volt and you have to put 100uf 63 volt, you have to change total 8 capacities.

How Much Diode To Change ?

Talking about Diode, Diodes are used in 3055 Amplifier Board, that 3 Ampere Diode is used but we will remove it and put 10 Ampere Diode. To convert our S power into DC, we use 4 diodes, which look something like this, you can see in the image, instead of the smaller ones, we will replace the larger ones, due to which the DC power output is 30 0 30 5 Ampere Transformer and there will be no problem.

How many votes did the transformer put ?

3055 Amplifier board Modifie

3055 Amplifier board works from 18-0-18 Transformer and we can use 2 speakers of 8 Ince and 50 watt on it. After modifying the 3055 Amplifier board, you can drink 12 Ince 100 watt friend and run comfortably. And here we will install the same transformer, Transformer 30-0-30 will use 5 Ampere.

After changing the 3055 Board Modify and Transformer, you can get 2 times more output than the amplifier taken from the market. Talking about 60%, the 3055 Amplifier available in the market can use 10 Ince 100watt Speak and after the 3055 Amplifier Board Modify we can use 2 Speaker of 14 Ince 250 Watt.

3055 Amplifier board Modifie Components Prices : 

4700uf 63v : will be ₹ 40/50, you will get it in ₹ 4/5 of the small capital. Doide you will get ₹ 5 and, you will get transformer from ₹ 700 to ₹ 2000, you will get the quality you want. I have given you the website list of the online market above, from there you can buy Buy 

End Post : 3055 Amplifier bored Modified

Friends, hope you have understood our 3055 Amplifier board Modify Post and hope that you share this post with your friends on social media and if we have any question then definitely comment your comment to improve our post. Will help

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