How To Make Top Microphone Amplifier Circuit Board

Hello friends in this post we will talk about Top microphone amplifier circuit board we use Amplifier at our home or any place but in many amplifier system without using Microphone amplifier circuit we cannot run microphone, if we use direct When we use a microphone, the sound of the microphone remains low, due to which we need to make a microphone amplifier circuit to use the microphone.

Here we will talk about Microphone amplifier circuit Top 5 Circuit which you can easily make at home Simple Microphone Amplifier Circuit Diagram Using 548 Transistor, Easy Amplifier microphone circuit using D718, Dynamic microphone amplifier circuit Using Transistor and Microphone amplifier circuit We will talk about using 741 with complete details and will also tell you the diagram, due to which you can easily make this circuit.

How To Make Top 5 Microphone Amplifier Circuit Board Diagram List

Make Amplifier Micro Circuit Board
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If you want to buy from the online market then you can buy already ready microphone amplifier circuit. Now do a Google search and find out about Electrical Components Store near you and can also buy offline from there. You can also buy condenser mic circuit. Whatever pair parts are used in the microphone circuit, you can buy all the pair parts from the electrical store in bad circuit and low price.

Very few components are required to make microphone amplifier circuit which we will tell you in detail and you can make 548 Transistor, TL071 Op-amp, D718, 741 and Dynamic microphone amplifier circuit

    Simple Microphone Amplifier Circuit Diagram Using 548 Transistor

    With the Simple Microphone Amplifier Circuit 548 Transistor, you can tell that you can use the microphone by adding a Simple Microphone Amplifier circuit to the 4440 Amplifier Board, 3055 Amplifier board and many 100 watt amplifiers and your microphone will not sound low. This circuit operates from 3 volt dc to 9 volt dc, if you supply more power than 9v dc, then there is a possibility of it being a short circuit.
    Simple Microphone Amplifier Circuit Diagram

    Components and diagram Explanation

    (1) 9 Volt Dc Power Supply, (2) 10k Resistors -2 (3) 100 k Resistor -1 (4) 104 pf -2 (5) bc 548 Transistor, you can make a simple microphone amplifier circuit using all these You can buy electric complaint online and you will easily get it offline as well.

    1. 10k - Where we will give 9 volt DC power supply, there is a 10k resistor, whose second film is applied on 548 transistors.
    2. 2nd 10k - register 9 volt dc power supply to power supply sounds at 104 pf
    3. Resistor BC548 from 100k - 104pf, 10k, 104 pf with out put
    4. Microphone - 10k Or 104 pf, which will be its plus (+).
    5. With Ground (-) you can join all the wires to the microphone, power supply and output

    Microphone Preamplifier Circuit Using TL071 OOp-Amp

    By using TL071 Ic, we will make microphone preamplifier circuit when you see Microphone amplifier circuit diagram you will know that micro amplifier circuit is made using four registers and one tl071 ic Preamplifier Circuit works from 12 volt dc power supply 9/ 12 volt power supply can be used. Without a power supply, you cannot use the microphone, so the microphone will work only after you apply 12 volt DC power from your amplifier.

    मैं आपको 12 वोल्ट कहां से निकलना हैै ऐ मे आपको लास्ट बताउँगी कृपया पोस्टट पूरा पढ़ें

    Microphone Preamplifier Circuit Using TL071 Op-Amp

    Components and diagram EExplanation

    Microphone amplifier circuit components : (1) 10k Resistors -2 (2) 62k Resistors - 2 (3) microphone (4) 9/12 volt power supply (5) TL071 IC (6) 47uf And 10uf Capacitor

    TL071 IC : But you have to put (-) on pin number 7 and (+) of power supply on pin number 4, microphone and output audio will be (-) same

    Microphone : The (+) wire of the microphone will be placed in the middle of the 10k resistor 1uf capacitor. And use 5 pin on tem07 Ic will use

    Output Audio : TL071 Ic Key 6 No. The output (+) will come out of the 10uf capacitor attached to the pin.

    Easy Amplifier microphone circuit using D718 

    To make easy amplifier microphone circuit we will use d718 transistor which works exactly like TL071 but here we will make simple ie Easy amplifier microphone circuit. The pair parts that we will use to make a simple microphone, you will easily get it from the market and this circuit also works up to 12 volt dc 7 volt dc. You can also use this circuit to run the microphone and put it in any amplifier, just your amplifier needs to be a little small so that the sound is good
    Easy Amplifier microphone circuit using D718 diagram

    Components and diagram Explanation

    Easy amplifier Microphone  circuit components : (1) 5k6 Resistors (2) 660 Ohm Resistors (3) microphone (4) 9/12 volt power supply (5) D718 Transistor (6) 4.7uf 50v And 47uf 25v Capacitor And 104J PF
    1. 12 volt power supply is to put (+) on 560ohm resistors and will remain in -guard
    2. One of the capacitor's yellow register and the other pin2 register i.e. Fake SX4 and 500 site for home register T20 is to be put
    3. Where to put the resistors, you will know only by looking at the diagram and I have also told the value of the register, because of this you can easily do the Caculetor.
    4. Microphone Microphone plus fire of microphone We will put 104 ours and give it to the second ground
    5. Audio Output will be connected with 4.7uf Capacitor and the second pin will be connected to ground which we will use as amplifier

    Dynamic microphone amplifier circuit Using Transistor

    To make a dynamic microphone amplifier circuit we will use two 2 transistors and with some registers you can make this dynamic microphone amplifier circuit if you see the diagram you will know. Dynamic microphone amplifier circuit you can use in any amplifier and this circuit works from 12 volt dc and i also get cracker sound in high quality hence no whistling
    Dynamic microphone amplifier circuit

    Components and diagram Explanation

    Dynamic Microphone amplifier circuit components : 
    1. Resistors : 12k, 47k, 10k, 100k, 1k, 100Ohm, 820ohm And 220ohm , you can see the status of the register in sequence, due to which you will understand which register where to put
    2. Capacitor (4) 2.2uf 22v, 47uf 22v, 4.7uf 6v 470nf
    3. Look at the Bc 549 And BC 547 Transistor Diagram carefully so that you can understand where the transistor is mounted
    4. 9/12 volt power supply You have to put positive wire of power supply between register and bc547 transistor
    5. microphone You have to put the microphone (+) wire on the 6V capacitor and the other wire will be with the ground.
    6.  Output : You have to take output from both the pins of 100k Resistors.

    Microphone amplifier circuit using 741 Condenser mic circuit

    First of all we have seen very good microphone amplifier circuit but now we will tell you about a small condenser mic circuit that works from 5 volt dc, on which you can use mobile mic.
    Can record good quality sound and has a very good microphone amplifier circuit for your YouTube channel or any recording, you can also use it in a small amplifier
    741 Condenser mic circuit

    Components and diagram Explanation

      Microphone amplifier circuit using 741 diagram components : I think you will not have to explain about this diagram now so that like you saw the diagram before, it is very simple like butt has been used on all, if still you do not understand. If you come then you can comment me below, your comment will be very valuable for us.

    1. Resistors : 6.1k,  1m, 6.8k, 100k, 1k,
    2. Capacitor 0.47 -2
    3. 2n2222 Transistor And 741 Ic
    4. 5 volt power supply
    5. microphone

    Friends, hope that this post of ours will help you in making Microphone Amplifier Circuit Board. You must have understood the Components and Diagram Explanation. Friends, do tell by commenting how did you like this post, your comments can help in making our post best and share the post with your social media friends - thanks


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