Top 10 Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor

Friends, in this post, we will tell you about the 10 best Top 10 Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor project, which can be used according to your need and use Amazing Electronic Project in life and in all these projects, we will give you a diagram. Show. Due to which it will be easy for you to create bc547 Transistor project. This is a simple and electronic product made project which all projects work on DC power.

Top 10 Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor All the products that are used inside the project, you will easily get them both offline and online from the market, whose price is also very less if you want to buy online then like Flipkart and You can buy from the online website, if you have a bad circuit, then from there you can also use the register by identifying the Resistors Color Code Value.

Top 10 Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor

Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor

The vote we are going to tell you here is the Top 10 Project which is going to be made by using bc 547 transistor whose name you can also see. Music Reactive LED,Led Flasher project,Wireless AC Tester Circuit, Automatic Water Alarm Circuit, Motion Detection, Light Cut Sensor Circuit, Volume On Started LED, Automatic Night Lapm LED Circuit, Rain Alarm or Night Sensor Automatic.

You will easily get the Pair Parts of every project made from Amazing Electronic project, we are going to use BC547 Transistor in all projects, using which we will make different electronic project, this electronic project will work from 5 volt 9 and 12 volt and You can make Auto Cut Circuit so that there is no short circuit.

Music Reactive LED Circuit Project

This Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor you can use like an imagine, the more you play the sound the LED will glow the more it is very simple to make this project works with 9 volt battery you can take any 12V DC power supply

Components and diagram Explanation

To make a Music Reactive LED circuit, you need
Condenser Mic, 47k Resistors, Led 5 mm,
Bc 547 Transistor, 9v Dc Battery will be required.

LED- You will get the light on the positive of the daughter plus and the collector ie (-) on the collector pin of the 548 transistor.
Condenser mic- Key positive pin i.e. 547 will be mounted on the base of the transistor and (-) will be installed direct.
9v Battery - The positive wire of the battery will be connected to the 47k resistors and the (-) wire will be connected to the emitter of the bc547 transistor
But it will.

Led Flasher Circuit Electronic project

Led flasher circuit project does LED flasher and we can use this project to show decoration and some amazing, it works with 9volt battery, it is easy to make it is made by using only 6 parts.

Led flasher circuit Components and diagram Explanation

For the Led flasher circuit I will need 100uf 25v capacitor, Led 5mm, 3.3k / 100 Ohm Resistors

9volt Battery : The battery is positive, you have to put it on the register and -4 will be on the capital.

Led : The minus wire of the LED will be connected to the 100ohm register and the second wire will be the collector pin of the 547 transistor.

Imagine Electric product has rest of the component that you can see in the diagram which is easy to install

Wireless AC Tester Circuit

Wireless Tester can be used to check electric current, even if a cover is placed on any wire, you can still check whether electric current is flowing or not. Like the rest of the tester, it works differently, the spring on it is wireless, due to which we can check the electric current.

Wireless tester circuit Components and diagram Explanation

To make Wireless Ac Tester circuit, you will need 3 BC 547 Transistor, 9volt Battery, LED, Antenna (Copper Wire spring), 1m /68k/220 Ohm Resistors.

Bc 547 Transistor- We have to make a series, as you can see in the diagram, the pin of one transistor is attached to the pin of the other BC 547 transistor.

Battery - The positive wire of the 1m register is to be combined with the 68k register and the LED and the (-) wire will be on the (E) pin of the bc547 transistor.

Antenna- You have to make a spring of copper wire which will become of antenna and check the electric current, copper wire spring has to be attached to bc 547 Transistor (B) pin

Automatic Water Alarm Circuit

Automatic water Alarm project It employs a simple mechanism that helps to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container. It can be used in hotels, factories, apartments of houses, commercial complexes, drainage etc. Which is very easy to make, you need to make two circuits to use Auto Water Alarm at home.

Automatic Water Alarm Circuit Diagram

Auto water Alarm circuit Components and diagram Explanation

To make Automatic Water Alarm project you will need 9 Volt Battery, 47 Ohm Resistors, 10k Resistors, LDR sensor Water pump and bc547 transistor.

Yellow Wire : The water has to be kept on a dry flat, where the laser light will be turned on with both the wires being water tach and will start falling on the LDR. The water pump will turn off with the light falling on the LDR sensor.

LDR sensor : But even when the laser light is illuminated, the water pump starts and starts filling the water tank.

Leser light : In the Automatic Water Alarm project, the water tank is turned on only after filling because both its stars are installed in the upper part of the water tank, only after the water tank is full, the water touches the wire.

Motion Detection Circuit

We can use the Motion Detection Circuit as a Senor, if we put any object in front of the PIR Sensor, then touching it again, the Buzzer will start making noise, that is, no one can take any of your objects, that's why like security. can also use

Motion Detection circuit Components and diagram Explanation

To make Amazing Electronic project motion detection circuit, you will need PIR Sensor, Bc 547 Transistor, Mini Buzzer, 5mm led And 9v battery power supply.

There are 3 days in the PIR Sensor, which I have told in different colors, in which the Blue wire will be on the Transistor's (E) Pin on the Yellow (B) Pin and the Red Wire will be positive on the battery.

On Amazing Electronic project you can see Bc 547 Transistor, Mini Buzzer, 5mm led And 9v battery power supply in your home, it is very easy to install it.

Light Cut Sensor Circuit

We can use the light cut sensor circuit as security, which is designed in such a way that as long as the laser light is kept on the lDR sensor, that is, the buzzer will not ring until the light is removed, only after removing the light, the buzzer noise Amazing Electronic Project works with 9 volt battery

Light cut sensor circuit Components and diagram Explanation 

Bc 547 Transistor, LDR Sensor, 10k Resistors, DC Buzzur and 9v power supply will be needed. Light cut sensor circuit is also similar to the project I saw ahead (Automatic water Alarm circuit diagram)

If anything comes between the laser light and the LDR sensor, then the light of the laser light stops falling on the LDR, due to which the buzzer starts making noise.

Volume On Started LED Circuit

We can use Volume on started Led Circuit to make Emergency Light On Off, its design is made in such a way that you can turn on the light as soon as you pinch, we can also use it in the wall clock that when you pinch So the LED will glow even in the night and you will see the time. Apart from this, you can also use in decoration

volume start on Led Components and diagram Explanation

To make Volume start on led amazing electronic project, you need Bc 547 Transistor -2, Condenser mic, 47uf 25v Capacitor, 220 ohm resistors, 10k, 100k and 1m Resistors
5mm led will be required which you will get at very less price than the market.

9 volt battery : The positive wire of 220 ohm resistors is to be put on 10k, 100k and 1m resistors and LED.

Bc 547 Transistor -2, Condenser mic 47uf 25v Capacitor You can see it in the diagram and it is very easy

Automatic Night Lapm LED Circuit

Amazing Electronic Project Automatic light lamp can be used in LED circuit night Remains on the sensor due to which this circuit does not work. When the lamp is turned off, then the light on the LDR sensor turns off due to which our Night LED starts glowing.

Auto Night Lamp Led Circuit Components and diagram Explanation

Auto night amazing Electronic project works with 5volt Dc battery Or Charger To make this project Usb cable wire, LDR sensor, Night LED
And the Bc 547 transistor will be needed.

It is very easy to understand this Auto night amazing electronic project circuit diagram, by looking at the diagram, you can solder the electronic components.

Rain Alarm circuit

The Rain Alarm Amazing Electronic project has been designed in such a way that when rain or water comes on the rain plate, this alarm hymn starts, due to which we call it Rain Sensor Circuit, this project works from 9 volt battery. You can also give it 12 volt DC power supply, you will not need any register to make it.

Rain Alarm Circuit Components and diagram Explanation

To make Rain Alarm circuit, you will need BC 547 transistor, DC Buzzer, Rain Circuit Sensor and 9v battery.

9v battery : The positive wire of the battery is to be placed on the Rain Sensor and the minus wire is to be placed on the Direct Buzzer.

Buzzer : The positive wire is to be placed on BC547 (E), when you look carefully, you will understand the Rain alarm circuit.

Night Sensor Automatic Circuit

Night Sensor Automatic Amazing Electronic project is an automatic circuit which indicates to turn on the light as soon as it gets dark And when any light falls on LDR, it indicates to turn off the light, we can also use it in Automatic Stick Light

Night sensor Automatic Circuit Components and diagram Explanation

For making Night sensor circuit project you will need Bc 547 Transistor, LDR sensor, 5mm led, 18k Resistors and 9v battery.

9v Battery : You have to connect the positive wire with 18k register and LED, the LDR and register's pin will be on the Base Pin of the bc547 Transistor and the negative wire of the battery will be on the second Pin of the LDR and on the bc547 Transistor's (e).

Friends, hope that you have understood all the projects of our Top 10 Amazing Electronic Project with BC547 Transistor, yet you do not understand, then you must comment us, your comments can help in improving our post. Is. To see more projects like Music Reactive LED, Led Flasher project, Wireless AC Tester Circuit, Automatic Water Alarm stay connected to our website and share this Amazing Electronic project in your social media Thanks friends

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