Top 25 Important Electrical Tools With Full Details In Hindi

We all know that when we do any Electrical Spare Parts Ripper then for that. It is important to know about Important Electrical Tools. Electrician has quota but there are many electricians which we all do not know, we will talk to you about Important Electrical Tools With Full Details And Uses.

We use Electrical Tools in many things like Home Light Fitting but we will learn about some important tools here. Which are used in troubleshooting wiring, construction and electrical works. In this post, we will tell you important Electrical Tools Uses and complete information. Which you can use while repairing Electric Pairs Parts. If I will tell you Important Electrical Tools with Full Names Details With Picture, then read this post of ours completely.

Top 25 Important Electrical Tools With Full Details In Hindi

Important Electrical Tools Names With Picture Full Details

You must have heard all the important Electrical Tools Names out of what I am telling you here and you must have used many. But some Electricians know the Electrical Tools Uses Details and we will tell those who do not know Electric Man. First of all we know Electrical Tools Names, after that we will know about Electrical Tools Uses Details.

Hands devices also use electrical tools to complete electrical work, if we buy equipment for electrical work, then buy in quality products. We need to keep them right, and any cutting tool needs to be repaired or replaced so that we can use it easily and keep it working.

Top 25 Important Electrical Tools Names List

(1) cutting pliers (2) Nose pliers (3)Soldering wire paste (4) Soldering iron (5) wire stripper (6) Multimeter (7) Double end spanner (8) ring spanner (9) De solder pump (10) split level (11) hammer (12) adjustable spanner (13) pipe wrench (14) Electric knife (15) grip pliers (16) crimping tool (17) electrical tester (18) measuring tape (20) drilling machine (21) hole saw cutter (22) hacksaw frame (23) screwdriver (24) Dc Soler iron (25) Multi Power Supply 

Top 25 Important Electrical Tools Names With Picture

Here we will show you 25 Top Important Electrical Tools. There may be updates when the time comes. And again you will find it in many designs in the market. You can buy from both online and offline. You will also find it easily on Electronics Components Chop.

Electrical Tools : Cutting Pliers, Nose Pliers And wire stripper

Electrical Tools Cutting Pliers nose pliers wire stripper

Electrical Cutting Pliers : Can see photos of. And you will also find it at many online electrical shops, it is used to cut wires. I go to Important Electrical Tools for Electrician.

Nose pliers : We have also attached the photo of Cutting Pliers Nose Pliers Tools are used to cut wires.

Wire Stripper : Tools are used to remove insulation from the conductor without losing the conductor core. You can buy it both online and offline

Soldering wire paste, Soldering iron And De solder pump

Soldering wire paste Solder Iron  De Solder Pump

Soldering wire paste : Soldier wire is mined to melt it. And when Old Circuit Solder Wire helps to remove or install.

Solder Iron : You all know about Electric Pairs Parts, the biggest work in Solder Iron is done and every Electric Man uses Solder Iron.

De Solder Pump : d Solder pumps are used to help you remove solder from the circuit. The price of diesel pump is also to be talked about and you can buy it from the market.

electric tester, DC Soldier Iron And screwdriver

Electric Tester DC Soldier Iron Screwdriver

Electric Tester : Who doesn't know electric tester? This one tester is used to test the electric current, together and works like a screw driver, it is considered to be the most important electrical tool for Electric Man.

DC Soldier Iron : There are many types of solder iron and its begging for votes ABCD would be different. Used to connect wires in electric circuits

Screwdriver : There are many types of screwdrivers. Which is used to open a screw. The screwdriver is used according to the screw point.

Hope you have understood this post about Top 25 Important Electrical Tools Names With Picture Full Details and Uses. Please do tell us your experience through comments. Your comments can give a chance to rectify the mistakes made in my post. If you liked this post and the information of the tools, then please share to social media friends. Thank you

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