Top Electronics Project Using Relay In Hindi

Hello friends, in this post we will talk about Top Electronics Project Using Relay, you can tell Amazon Project by making Relay Switch Circuit Board. With Electronics Project Using Relay, we will also talk to you about images and diagrams. Because of which you will be easy to make this project.

To make Top Electronics Project, we will use Relay Switch but will also use different Register and Transistor with it. We who are going to make you the project by using Relay Top 15 Electronics Project. Your daily life will be very useful. And you can also use it at your home. There is a relay switch and it works like a switch, but it is such a switch that works only when power is given.

Top Electronics Project Using Relay In Hindi

Electronics Project Using Relay

The battery you have to use in Top 15 Electronics Project Using Relay, the battery can be of different voltage. That is, the electronics project depends on the electronics components, so you will have to use different voltage batteries. What we are going to tell you today, all electronic projects work in power from 12 volt dc or less than 12 volt dc power.

Relay Switch Circuit boards are of different Voltage, so you cannot use any relay in every electronic project, you can use Relay Switch according to the same voltage Relay is an Auto On Off Switch that works when power comes and goes. Therefore, the work of relay is very good in any electric project. Seeing our post on Top 15 Electronics Project Using Relay In Hindi, you will also feel that I too have to make something.

Project : 1 Touch On Off Sensor make Using relay

When you make this project of ours, you should use pair parts that come from electricity. There is an Electronics Project Using Relay Touch On Off Sensor circuit from where you will be turned off as soon as you touch and touch. For this the necessary electronics components list has been given and you can see the diagram.

Pair Parts For touch On Off Sensor circuit

The paper you will need to make Touch On Off Sensor circuit, you can buy all the electronics components from online market in India and offline electrical shop and you will get it easily in the market whose price is very less. Electronics component खरीदने के लिए बेस्ट ऑनलाइन वेबसाइट
  1. 12 volt DC Relay
  2. IRFZ44 Mosfet
  3. 9 volt DC battery
  4. Bulb
  5. AC Power Supply

Diagram for Touch On Off Sensor circuit

Electronics Project Using Relay Touch On Off Sensor

Project 2 : Auto Cut Off Power on Short Circuit /Electronics Project Using Relay

You can make auto cut off power circuit board as soon as there is a short circuit. If you test this circuit with any 12 volt DC power supply, then this project auto cut off power if any electric items or electrical pairs parts become short circuit. Because of which your electronic battery and electronic power supply can be saved from getting damaged. I have made a separate post on this, you can see

Friends have also seen our Electronics Project Using Relay, you must have liked all the projects. Hope you do let us know by commenting and share with your social media friends. All electronics project use in life like Electronics Project Using Relay's Touch On Off Sensor circuit board is going to be useful, so share it with your friends also thank you.

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