How To Make Multi Voltage Power Supply In Home

Hello friends, in this post we will talk again that how to make Multi Voltage power supply, you can output Regular Voltage to your power with G circuit. You can use this circuit while repairing your Electric Spare Parts. Multi voltage power supply will cost you very expensive in the market. But you can easily make it at home also.

Some people increase the voltage while doing Electric Spare Parts Repair. Or give more voltage than the capacity of the electric product, due to which any electric item can be damaged. To avoid circuit short. You can also make Short Circuit Auto Cut Off Power. Multi Voltage Power Supply In Home The only electronics component you will need, you can easily buy it from any electrical stores.

How To Make Multi power supply In Home
Multi Voltage Power Supply

Multi Voltage Power Supply
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Here we will give you How To Make Multi Voltage Power Supply In Home along with Make Multi Voltage Power used and Diagram PDF, due to which you will be easy to make this Electric Circuit. And we will talk about all the components also in the latest. Because of this, you can make a multi voltage power supply at your home.

To make Make Multi Voltage Power, we will use all electronic components original so that our circuit does not date for a long time. and work properly. My request is that you also use original electronic components so that the power supply circuit board becomes good. You can also buy online from Wholesale Electric Market.

Make Multi Voltage Power Supply In Home के लिए जरूरी स्पेयर पार्ट 

All the electronic components that we are going to use here will be original use. Original Electronics Components will be right in front of you to make Multi Voltage Power Supply and get regular Voltage output properly.

With the Multi Voltage Power Supply circuit board, you can convert 3 volts to 50 volts with regular voltage output and 3 volts.

Required electronic components:

24 0 24 3/5 Transformer
LM 7805, 7809, 7812 Transistor
LM 7815, 7818 Transistor
5× On off switch
Big heat sink
4× Diodes And 4700uf/50 Copacitor
Output Voltage Copacitor 5×

Multi Voltage Power Supply In Home Diagram

Multi Voltage Power Supply diagram

Transformer : Transformer has to be connected to such a Multi Voltage Power Supply diagram I can see

Diode :4× Diodes are used to convert AC Current to DC Current and its companion has a large capacity. Which maintains the power.

Transistor : You have to give (+) 24 volt DC power to the fast pin of all transistors. (-) Pin of twenty will be common. Where you have to put the Ground wire for the output.

Output Voltage : LM7805 to (5v),
LM7809(9v), LM7812(12v), LM7815(15v) and 7818(18v) have to be output. And have to take the ground direct

Where can we use Multi Voltage Power Supply? how to use?

Multi Voltage Power Supply We can use to test different electronics components. Ex 6v/9v/ 12v/18v LED can be tested with a single circuit. Winning will need DC power. That much DC power we will be able to draw from this circuit.

Friends, hope you will find our Multi Voltage Power Supply post and Multi Voltage Power Supply diagram useful for you and you must have understood if you have any other problem or if you are facing any problem in making this circuit please comment us. Do tell me. We will definitely help you more for Multi Voltage Power Supply and Electrical Repair - Thank you

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