Soler Charger Controller Wiring In Hindi

We will talk in this post that Solar Charger Controller Wiring In Hindi is used a lot, which even after having the best Solar Panel, is not able to do Battery Charger but if we use Solar Charge Controller then it is very easy for us. We will talk about the inverter circuit diagram and wiring with the solar panel.

Solar charge controller is available in many models in the market. who work on different jobs. There is a separate solar charger controller with solar panel watt. We will tell you here with complete details that which solar charge controller will have to be used with which solar charger and which amp battery.

Solar Charge Controller Wiring How To

You can charge any battery with the Solar charger controller. But for this. It is important to understand the battery solar panel and controller system properly. Once this system is installed, you will not need to do any control. Solar controller will do automatic control due to which there will be no battery discharge. And after the battery is full, the automatic cut off charger system will start working.

If you want, you can make a separate Auto Cut Off Charger Circuit at your home too. This circuit will also be useful for auto cut off 12v DC battery charger.

Soler Charge Controller Watch Video

How Solar Charge Controller Works

Solar charge controller works differently, I have given you two options good condition and bad condition below, you can think about your options Solar charger controller wiring will be same but you will get Solar Panel watt, battery Ah and Solar charger controller Ampare no exit It will be very important to do

Good Condition : 

If your battery is 26Ah then you have to install 10 Amplifier Solar charger controller and Solar Plate 40watt. Only then will it work properly. And nothing will go bad for a long time.

We give you another example if you have 150Ah Baattry and you have 320watt solar plate. If you apply 30 Ampere solar charge controller then your wiring is fine.

Bad Condition :

When you have 150Ah Battery then you cannot use 40watt Solar Panel. And can't run 10 Ampere or 6 Ampere Solar charger controller. So that the battery load will increase oria small solar charge controller will not be able to take the battery level level to high class.

Even if you have 26Ah Battery and 320 watt Solar Panel / 30 Ampere solar charger controller, still you will not be able to use it properly. And listen to the good condition for you, it will be very useful.

Soler charger controller wiring diagram

In the solar charger controller you will see 6 pins. Many solar charge controllers have 5 pins (-) Battery and DC Load both wires are in mind.

Both the wires of the solar plate will be connected to the solar charge controller. (-) (+) You have been given symbols in the solar charge controller, you can easily install it by using it.

In many solar charge controllers i.e. in digital controller, you are given the option of 5 watt output from where you can charge mobile phone and your tablet.

You can charge mobile directly from the Solar Panel. For this you need some information.

Soler chaarger controller connect Inverter 
Inverter connect solar charge controller diagram

You do not need to do much to connect the inverter, just put the inverter twice and separately on your battery.

Solar charge controller is to be kept separately, you just have to put (+)(-) properly, the battery will be charged from the solar panel and you can use AC current with the help of inverter to DC power.

We hope that you have liked this post of ours. You must have found this information useful about Solar charger controller wiring and Inverter connect to you. We want you to share this information to make it easier for others to do solar charge controller wiring - thanks

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