3 Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor Inductor Diodes In Hindi

Hello friends, in this post we will talk about 3 Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor Inductor Diodes, which are the 3 Best Electronics Components, about which we will know from the details which will be full of information for you. If you are interested in electric, then it is very useful for you, you can easily buy this electronic components online, if you do not know any shop, then you can search electronics spare parts shop near me in google.

When we repair Phone Charger or while repairing any electric thing, we need to have knowledge about Electronics Components, only then we can repair anything easily. In this post, we will learn about the most electronics components that are used in the circuit. We will learn about Electronics Components Capacitor, Inductor and Diodes in this post.

3 Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor Inductor Diodes In Hindi

Basic Electronics components Capacitor Inductor Diodes In Hindi

We are going to talk about 3 Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor Inductor Diodes. I will tell you in a separate part. Where can these electronics components be used. And how does it work and what are electronics components? Which will not have to be known about now but not with so many details, we will tell you in this post with complete details, how many types of electronics components are there and will tell you with images.

Hopefully friend, you will share this post of ours i.e. 3 Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor Diodes In Hindi and if you need information about any other component then definitely tell me. You will find it useful in repairing and manufacturing electric products and you can also repair at your home. Lightning is a danger so take care of yourself.

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Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor

In the image I have shown you, you must have seen capacitors with many electronics components and may not have seen many capacities, but all these capacitors work differently, that is, their capacity is also different. There are Fan Copacitors in Motor Startat that also have large capacities and our mobile phones also use capacities and it is called SMD Copacitor.

What is Capacitor?

There are variable capacitors, there are series capacitors, there are different capacitors for capacitor for fan. That's why in every circuit A B C D is used. According to its capacity, it stores power and also releases it when needed. Manu has a battery of 9 volts and a 25v capacitor is installed, so when you check the power with a multimeter, you will see the power value of 25v. This capacity is applied from where the power flows.

How does the capacitor work?

Variable capacitors are sometimes used in the circuit and series capacitors are also used. Copacitor is any electric thing I use on the power supply ie if you stop the power for 1 second, the power stored in the capacitor is released, so your Even when the power is low to any thing, it gives its power and gets recharged from the power supply in a few seconds. More capacities are used for power regular voltage output. रेगुलर वोल्टेज आउटपुट कैसे निकाले  The copacitor works in different places at different prices, you can also buy electronic components online.

Basic Components Of Electronics Inductor
Inductor Coil electronic components

Inductor coil is sometimes used in circuit. We will tell you about the Inductor Coil along with the image, how many types of inductor coil are there and where can you use this coil. And why it is necessary to put Inductor Coil SMD and large inductor can be LP according to the value of which it is used in the circuit. Is it used in passive components circuit or not in any other active circuit.

What is Inductor Coil?

Inductor Coil is used in every electric thing and it is put in series, it also saves power and creates magnetic field. Transformer is also a coil, when we make a nest of wire, it happens once when the magnetic field does it. An electronic component like a relay is also a passive components Inductor Coil.

How does Inductor Coil work?

The job of the Inductor Coil is to move the power forward quickly. And doing magnetic field Inductor coil is used in electronic components, when the power is cut, then the magnetic field formed in this inductor coil gradually decreases, due to which the power in the electronic circuit gradually decreases. Therefore, after applying this coil, who can turn off the circuit for a second, but the circuit will continue its work. Search electronic components shops near me and buy this product.

Basic Components Of Electronics Diode

Doide electronic components

Doide is electronic components installed in Electronics Circuit whose value and ampere are different, High Ampere Diodes are installed in large circuits and SMD components i.e. SMD Doide are installed in Mobile, Phone Charger and Small Circuit.

What is Diode?

Diode is an electronics component used in electric circuits. This is a different job of this. (+)(-) does different work in both the parts. A belt is made on one side of the diode. Where it outputs power and has to be input from the other side. All dead are of different values and all have different amperes.

How does a diode work?

Doide electronic components works
Diode looks like this Diode has two parts Anode and Kekhode Diode is also used to convert Ac current into DC current. If you connect Diode on LED(+) wire then you have to power Input on Diode from LED and Kethode on Anode side and you have to connect Diode on LED(-) wire then you have to LED on side of Kethode and Power output on Diode from Anode Have to keep it only then it will work.

Friends, hope that you have understood our information about these 3 Basic Components Of Electronics Capacitor Inductor Diodes and if you want any information about Basic Electronics Components then you must comment me, we will give you variable capacitors, capacitor electrolytic, Variable Will tell you complete information about resistors, High Voltage Protection, passive components and Smd components. So don't forget to comment us and share this post thank you.

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