How To Make Only Bass Circuit Board Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about how to make Only Bass Circuit Board by converting Low Pass Filter Subwoofer to Bass Booster, you can convert Power Amplifier Audio to Only Bass and you can also solve Low Pass Filter Subwoofer.

You can also buy Subwoofer Circuit Board online, in this too many Subwoofer Circuit Board solves the Low Pass Filter Subwoofer well Tda Subwoofer Amplifier board is Stk 4141 Subwoofer board this Circuit Board only Bass Output and with 4558 Ic you can You can also make Subwoofer Bass Circuit at home

How To Make Only Bass Circuit Board Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

Only Bass Circuit Board Low pass filter subwoofer
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There is no need of Bass Booster circuit in the biggest amplifier but when we run medium Amplifier at home then Bass Booster will be needed so that everyone likes to run low pass filter subwoofer by Bass Booster but everyone wants that his Amplifier be Audio Bass Booster

You can also buy Home Theater in the market but its audio will be a little low and Dj Bass will not play well, you can buy Stk 4141 Subwoofer board / Tda Subwoofer Amplifier board from the market, it is good later on this you can play it all up Yes, but the cost of this board becomes a bit high, so how to make Only Bass Circuit Board, the complete information about low pass filter subwoofer will be useful for you, you can make this circuit at home in just a few rupees.

Parts Required to Build Bass Booster Circuit Board Low pass filter subwoofer

How to Make Only Bass Circuit Board Low pass filter subwoofer What I use, I have told you all these things you will easily get online and from the market. Which has Carbon Resistor, PF Capacitor, Capacitor and 4558 IC.

You can also remove all this stuff from the old circuit and identify the Carbon Resistor Color Code and use it.

  1.  Ragister : 10k ohm (2), 100k phm, (2) 22k ohm, (1) 470 ohm (2)
  2. Capacitor : 1uf 50v (2)
  3. PF : 2A104J (2)
  4. 4558 Ic

Only Bass Circuit Board Diagram - Low pass filter subwoofer

Only Bass Booster circuit diagram low pass filter subwoofer
Battery Wire : The topmost wire is (-12v) which is to be put on number four of IC (+12v) which is to be put on number eight of such pin.

Input Audio : Both the wires of the audio have to be put on the Register 10k (+) and (-) wire is to be put on the Ground

Output Audio : The output wire of the audio is to extract the output from both the 1uf 50v capacitor, if you are not showing the diagram correctly then you can also download the PDF.

Bass Booster Best Subwoofer Amplifier board - Amplifier Board for Buswoofer

Tda Subwoofer Amplifier board : TDA Audio Amplifier board You will find in the market TDA Audio Amplifier board can run Subwoofer but there are very few amplifiers which do only Bass Booster but for Low Pass Filter Subwoofer you need to make only bass booster circuit
Stk 4141 Subwoofer board : Very little circuit of STK outputs only bass but it can play all up in the circuit which plays with audio Sound quality is also good

Friends, hope you have understood about How to make Only Bass Circuit Board Low pass filter subwoofer. If you face any problem then definitely comment us and don't forget to share this post thank you guys have a nice day.


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