Micro Ragister Value Code Details

Friends, in this post we will talk about Micro Register Value Code Details which is used from mobile to digital circuit i.e. it is used in computer circuit. And micro register is used in the smallest circuit. When we need the code and value of each register while repairing any digital circuit, then only you will be able to replace the second register.

When we repair any electric part, then more and more registered burns. And it has to be replaced, then instead of the burnt register, we will need another register, then we need Micro Register Value Code. If you get a short circuit at the time of electric parts repair, then you may have a problem, that is why it is important to avoid short circuit.

Micro Ragister Value Code Details In Hindi

Micro Ragister Value code

To check Micro Register Value Code. You will need a multimeter. But sometimes you can also check without a multimeter. The multimeter available in Karma price does not show the correct value, so you need to know about the Micro Register Value Code which will be useful for you at the time of electrics part repair.

If there is a register circuit, then its contact is also with the second register, so there is a problem in seeing with the multimeter, so you read this post till the end because Micro Register Value Code Details are given in Hindi.

Carbon Ragister Value colour code image (table)

Ragister code value

सThe settlers will first learn about the 1st Digit, which has 9 colors, along with the color (0) to (9) the number has also been given, the Micro Register will help us in extracting the value. 2nd Digit: It is also like 1st Digit, it also has so many numbers and colors.

Now let's talk about the color code and number of the Multiplier.
It is like 1st Digit / 2nd Digit but it keeps on increasing number like color and number code

Example : 1st Digit + 2nd Digit × multiplier
  • Red color is taken in 1st Digit Code : (2)
  • In 2nd Digit take Green color Code : (5)
  • Get multiplier Yellow color Code : 10,000
Already color codes are given in the Carbon resistor, so it is easy to find out the Register Value. If we do 1st Digit / 2nd Digit (+) then it will be (25) then we will do (×) 10000 then we will get Register value code (250k Ohm) but Micro Register does not have any color so it is also important to know

How To Find Micro Register Value

Micro Ragister Value code

If you know about the carbon resistor value then it will be easy for you to find out the Micro Register Value. There is no color code in Micro Register and you will get Digit Code in three digits and four digits. You can see on the above image which is written 221

Ragister Value Example : Micro Ragister Code : 221
First (2) is 1stDigit Second (2) is 2nd Digit and (1) is Multiplier

Now we calculate the Micro Register Value
1stDigit + 2nd Digit × Multiplier = Value
2 +2 =22 Now we will see in Multiplier 1 Digit color is Broun and its value is 10
2 +2 =22×10 = 220 Ohm Register Value

How to use Carbon Resistor instead of Micro Register

Friends, we all must have seen this register but we would never have bought it from the market or online because it is not available in the market, but where it is available, we have to take a lot like 1000/2000 then we can also use Carbon Register. can

After extracting the Register Value code, we will know that how many Ohm the register is, after that we can put carbon resistor of the same Ohm

Friends, hope you have understood this post Register Value Code Details. So don't forget to give me feedback. And share this post thanks if you have interest in electric then also read this.

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