How to make Bike Mobile Charger 12 volt dc mobile charger

Friends, in this post we will talk about how to make Bike Mobile charger 12 volt dc mobile charger, with the help of which fast charger for mobile i.e. Phone Charger When there is a rainy season, when the electricity goes out at our house or somewhere, then we need Solar Charger. Or high ampere bike mobile charger is needed and the phone charger available in the market is not the original mobile charger cable and there are many problems due to which fast charger for can not be solved in this post.

But the public is like car mobile charger and car mobile charger, phone charger is there but due to its low ampere, it charges slowly. Make car mobile charger and bike mobile charger high ampere mobile charger.

How To Make Bike Mobile Charger 12v DC Mobile Charger

Bike Mobile Charger कैसे बनाएं 12 volt dc mobile charger

In this post you will learn how to make phone charger at home and how to make Bike Mobile Charger will tell you complete information about 12 volt dc mobile charger, by reading which you will make Phone Charger at your home and that too in low price which we will talk about in details. will do

How to make Bike Mobile Charger 12 volt dc mobile charger will be made now but when will you get ampere in it but we will also make high ampere mobile charger with Saajan for which you will also talk about the details about what you will need and you will get fast Will also show the diagram of charger for mobile. Car mobile charger, Bike mobile charger, Solar mobile charger All phone charger will make high ampere mobile charger.

Ports needed for High Ampere mobile charger

For high ampere mobile charger, whatever product you have to take from the market or online, it should be original, only then you will be able to make fast charger for mobile, for this you have to make a simple charger, so you will not need much stuff, just on your own at home. Will make it with only a few ingredients.

Soler Mobile Charger : 1 ampere

Car mobile charger bike mobile charger Soler mobile charger

  1. LM7805 Transistor
  2. Capacitor 25v/10uf/2200
  3. Capacitor 10v/2uf /1000
When you make for 1 ampere then you have to use 10uf and for 2 ampere then you have to use micro farad capacity of 2000uf high ampere mobile charger impsr is necessary for water if you want bike Mobile charger can also be bought from online shop like

Bike/Car mobile charger : 2 empire

When you make a bike for mobile charger, when you have to use 2 amps, that is, you have to use two transistors and a 25 volt capacitor with 2000 micro farad

You have to see the diagram of 2 transistors in the diagram of 2 transistors, it will be useful for fast charger for mobile and if you use this tip, then you will make high ampere mobile charger at home, both are the same, so you want to get as much amp as you want. will be

How to make Bike Mobile charger Diagram for phone charger

Car Mobile charger bike Mobile charger Soler mobile charger

You make it for phone charger or for this High Ampere mobile charger for car mobile charger you will need high ampere. If you want to do mobile charger with small battery then you have to make 1 Amp mobile charger circuit and if you use big battery mobile charger then you have to make 2 Amp circuit. It will give you output like a high ampere mobile charger

How To Use 12V Dc phone charger 

You can use this phone charger in the car mobile charger i.e. in the car. You can use 12v Dc Battery in truck or bus, you can use it in any battery, you can charge mobile even in moving bile by putting mobile charger stand on your bike

Friends hope you how to make our Bike Mobile Charger 12 volt dc mobile charger,solar mobile charger, car mobile charger, bike mobile charger post you must have been useful and hope you will also share it and if you have any problem then comment also We will definitely give you a reply.

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