Best Audio Power Amplifier IC Details

Friends, in this post we will talk about the best and best Audio Power Amplifier Ic, this Ic is used in Power Amplifier from 5w to 200w. The audio of the same Amplifier is good, in this post we will talk about different Audio And Stereo Power Amplifier ICs. Its sound quality is the best and we can use this Amplifier at home also.

Know about Stereo And Audio Power Amplifier's 10 Ic is the best in sound quality. And it is the lowest fuse, if you get short circuit while repairing, the health burns more i.e. it turns off, so whenever you repair a 12 volt thing, then you will be saved from short circuit and automatic cut short circuit. can make

Best Audio Power Amplifier IC Details In Hindi

Best Audio Power Amplifier IC Details In Hindi

Sometimes Amplifier Sound Quality is not the only need of Ic, for which even the best Audio Subwoofer and Transformer have the responsibility. But except this, for sound quality, 80% depends on Audio Amplifier Ic, so it is also necessary to have Audio Power Amplifier Ic original.

In this post we have 10 Super Audio Amplifier Ic list whose name is in front of you.
  1. LA4440/CD4440
  2. Tda2030/Tda2030A
  3. Stk 4141/407-070B/4191ii
  4. SVI 3102 B
  5. TdA 8947 J
  6. TA7270 P
  7. SI 1125 HD
  8. UPC 1335 V
  9. TDA 8588 
  10. Tda 7294/7297

Stereo And Audio Power Amplifier Ic LA4440/CD4440

Audio Power Amplifier Ic LA4440

If we talk about LA4440 / CD4440 Ic, then this Ic can extract 40 to 60watt Output, here Ic works on 12 volt DC, this audio power Amplifier i.e. 12v Dc Battery and 12v transformer working on 2Amp Amplifier I use Is performed . Single IC draws single output.

Stereo Amplifier Ic LA4440 / CD4440 is made of aluminum and copper. Buy IC with higher copper. 

TdA2030/Tda2030A Stereo Amplifier Ic

This Ic is 18w Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Ic, it is also known as Thermal Protection Ic. It is used in most of the home theaters and is also used in the Small Bluetooth Amplifier, it is such a very low fuse, you will get its price in the market for 20/30 rupees. It strikes at such times volt DC, even if you give less power, it will run.

Audio Power Amplifier Ic Stk 4141/407-070B/4191ii

Audio Power Amplifier Ic Stk4141

    This IC is Audio Power Amplifier ic, this single IC produces Dual Channel output Audio, this IC works on 24 0 24 6Amp Transformer, this IC you can remove 200Watt Audio Output ic, it does not work on such 12 volt DC, it is such a single channel But it produces 100watt output, its price in the market is rs.300/400, you will also get such a board in 700/800.

Best Audio and Stereo Power Amplifier Ic SVI 3102 B,TdA 8947 J,TA7270 P,SI 1125 HD,UPC 1335 V,TDA 8588 

Audio Power Amplifier Ic details

SVI 3102b Power Amplifier Ic: It is used in very few amplifier so that its price is very high and the biggest one is used in Amplifier whose price is equal to 59$.

TDA8947J  Ic : This IC can output 100w Audio Output TDA8947J Ic 4 channel Audio Power Amplifier Ic This 4 channel outputs 25×4 channel Its cost is Rs.500 to 600

TA7270 P Ic : This Ic is Toshiba Audio Ic 22w Dual Audio Amplifier Ic, you will find this ic burnt in the market, its price is 200 to 300

SI 1125 HD IC : This ic is a bit difficult to put in the circuit, so this circuit will no longer be found in the real market and very few people use this ic, there is very little use in Audio Power Amplifier.

UPC 1335V IC : There is Dual Audio Amplifier Ic, you will also find this IC in the market, whose price is 700 to 900 rupees, it outputs audio on such a 2 channel Toshiba Japani IC

TDA 8588 IC : This ICU was used in the old amplifier, now it is used very less is Audio Power Amplifier Ic

Audio Power Amplifier TDA7297 IC 

Audio Power Amplifier Ic Tda7294

It has many number codes like 7274/7297 and is used with different models of audio power amplifier and stereo power amplifier with its model it outputs different watts

Friends, hope this post of our Audio Power Amplifier Ic has been useful for you, thank you for reading this post of ours, but after seeing them, share it with your friends too. If you are interested in other electronics components then also read this post Thank you

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