How To Turn On Emergency Light When Power Goes Off Automatic Emergency Light On Off

Friends, in this post we will talk about how the emergency DC light turns on as soon as the power goes out. We all have this problem in the rainy season, sometimes the electricity goes out for 2 hours 3 hours. Then we will need DC light. But in this post we will talk about Automatic Emergency Light On.

Automatic Emergency Light On Off Whatever you will need, you will get electricity in the market. For this we will need a 12v Dc Light. We will tell you in an easy way in this post.

Still, if you do not understand, then we will tell you the diagram along with the image. And you can also comment us, the way of Automatic Emergency Light On Off is easy, then read this post completely.

How to turn on automatic light when power goes out Automatic Emergency Light On

Automatic Emergency light on Off Circuit

To turn off Automatic Emergency Light On Off, you have to do very little work. When you install UPS, its price in the market is high. And low price UPS cannot run for long time so we will need DC power. 1000 to 1500 will run for 12 hours, later only 1 hour will have to be kept in a charge.

If you want to make Dc Bulb then I have not given selling from this link you can make one which will work on 12 volt DC. And on 7mah 12v Dc Baattry you can run 5 bulbs for 12 hours.

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Required Parts for Automatic Emergency Light On Off

You will not need much in this experiment. There are just some parts which you will get in the market for 20/30 Rs. The part needed for this is the same.
  1. 12v Dc Battery 7/30 Amh
  2. 12v Dc Charger 2/5 A
  3. 12v Dc Relay
  4. 12v Dc Bulb
  5. Doide 

Simple Diagram for Automatic Emergency Light On Off

Automatic Emergency Light diagram image

First of all you will need Battery, Relay, Doide, Charger, and Bulb, you have to look at the above mentioned diagram thoroughly and you will understand as soon as you see it.
  • The charger (+) wire has to be connected to the coil of the relay and the same bulb has to be connected with (+).
  • A Doide has to be put between the Battery and the Coil, you also have to add that Poet with the Coil
  • The (-) wire of the bulb is to be connected to NC.
  • The second wire of the charger is to be connected with Common and Coil and add the (-) wire of the battery at the same place.
  • Wire is complete for Automatic Emergency Light On Off, now you can put it wherever you want.

Some Important Information and Benefits for Automatic Emergency Light On Off

Friends, by doing this experiment, they have many advantages, as soon as the power goes out, the automatic emergency light turns on. And as soon as the power comes, the automatic light turns off, along with the battery charging starts.

When Baattry is fully charged, then you have to remove the charge, for this you can make Automatic Cut Charger 12v Dc Battery Circuit.

Friends, hope you have understood about Automatic Emergency Light On Off post, Tom Vid, share this post for people interested in Turkey Electric, then this information can be reached. Thank you


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