How to make Automatic Battery Charge Circuit Auto Cut Off 12v Charger

Friends, in this post we will talk about how to make Automatic Battery Charge Circuit Auto Cut Off 12v Charger. When we connect any 12 volt battery with Charger then the battery is charged but we will need Circuit Auto Cut Off 12v Charger to do some work. This Auto Cut Circuit will be cut automatically when the battery is full. When your battery is down. Then it will start working again.

In this post we will know about Automatic Battery Charge Auto Cut Off 12v Charger Circuit. The benefits of Auto Cut Off will be discussed in circuit diagram and simple language. so that you can understand. We will also tell you what will be needed for this. Together I will talk to you in detail about where you will get it. If you are interested in Electricity then read this also for you

Automatic Battery Charge Auto Cut Off 12v ChargerCharger

Automatic Cut Off Charge

Friends, to make you this Automatic Battery Charge Circuit. You will need very few parts. And you can easily make Auto Cut Off 12v Charger will be very useful for us. If you charge from solar panel then you will need auto cut circuit.

Parts Required to make Auto Cut Off 12v Charger You will need this thing to make Auto cut battery charge. Which will get you in the market and also online. The price of all the parts is very low, due to which you can also save your money.

12v DC Relay

Red and green led Indicator

B547 Transistor

100k preset

1k Register

1/5k Ragister

Components and diagram Explanation

 12v Automatic battery cut Charger Circuit Diagram

Automatic Battery Charge Auto Cut Off 12v Charger

Notes: Don't forget that Green is the wire (+) and Red is the wire (-) in the diagram.

Input And Output(+) : The wire is to be connected from the Preset's Pin to the B547 Transistor Emitter and this wire is to be removed by connecting it to the 1k resistor (+) Output.

Input And Output (-) :Connecting the wire with the Relay Common Coil is to input the minus and take out the Output (-) from the LED.

B547 Transistor : With Emitter=(+) wire, Base= Preset wire and Colleter to the coil of Relay. Both the LED's have to be connected with the register by connecting (+).

LED : Connecting both the (+) wire to the direct register and powering the (-) wire to the (Nc) pin of the relay and the (No) pin of the second LED.

Advantages of Auto Cut Off 12v Charger

There are many benefits of making Auto Cut Charger. We all know that when the battery is down, it does not get charged quickly and when it is connected with more surgeons, then the battery becomes dead. Therefore the circuit of Automatic Battery Charger auto cut 12volt will be useful.

After making the auto cut head water, you will not need to charge and remove the battery, this circuit will work automatically. Charge will be turned on when the battery is down. Automatic power cut will be done when the battery charge is full.

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