How to Convert 3V to 50V - Regular Voltage Output

Friends, in this post we will talk. How To Convert 3V To 50V - Regular Voltage Output Key With IRFZ44n Mosfet we can convert 3V to 50V. To convert 3V to 50V, we will need very little. For Regular Voltage we can input 3 volts and get output up to 50 volts.

In this post we will talk in detail for regular voltage output. With the help of the IRFZ44N Mosfet, you can get as much Volt as you want. Due to which you can remove from 3 volt to 50 volt. While repairing your electric parts, you have a short circuit, then you will need an automatic power cut, then you can also read this post.

How to convert 3V to 50V. Regular Voltage Output

3V को 50V तक में कन्वर्ट कैसे करें - Regular Voltage Output

How to Convert 3V to 50V - The stuff you will need for Regular Voltage Output is easily available in the market. How to Convert 3V to 50V - With the Regular Voltage Output Experiment, you can draw the power of your choice. For him
To do regular output, you will need a 100k preset, you can use it by removing the volume control button used in the amplifier.

The second thing is IRFZ44N Mosfet which you can buy easily from the market, you will also find it at any electronics part shop. And you can also shop online. Instead, if you use any register, then you can remove the regular power. If you want to reduce the power more and less then you will need 100k Preset.

Required parts for converting 3V to 50V - Regular Voltage Output

IRFZ44N Mosfet - You will find it in the market whose price is very less. If you want, you can also buy online. Now if you go to buy in the market then see that the product is original. If you do not buy without seeing then you get this duplicate which can spoil quickly so we will need the original. You can buy online from this link

100k PreSet - There is no need for you to buy it online. You will get these easily in the market, which will cost 10 to 15 rupees. If you have any amplifier, small fat one, then you can use it by removing it too. IRFZ44n Mosfet/100k Preset can be seen in the image diagram.

How to Convert 3V to 50V - Regular Voltage Output Digital Diagram

Regular voltage output diagram image

First of all you will need IRFZ44n Mosfet and volume button for regular voltage output. The middle pin of the IRFZ44 Mosfet is to be connected to the first leg of the volume button. And the middle leg is to be mounted on the IRFZ44 Mosfet fast leg.

Volume button The last leg of the output will be ( - ). For Regular Voltage Output, both the input and output will be minus. The power input will be in the middle leg of the mosfet. And you will get the output from the last.

Advantages of converting voltage 3V to 50V - Regular Voltage Output

Now anyone can drive the LED. For example, 3 volts, 5 volts, 9 volts can test anything up to 50 volts. If needed, you can increase or decrease the power. If you need more. You can use it even then and you can use it even when less power is needed. You have to input only three volts in it, you can remove power at will.

Friends, hope you have understood this post of our how to convert 3V to 50V - Regular voltage output. Still you are having any problem, please tell us by commenting, the solution of your problem will be given. Also read our post related to Electric.

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